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PC Freezes when using internet

By fathom ·
My PC does fine while using any other application. I can connect to the Internet using the dialup and not have a problem. The moment I execute my browser the PC freezes. I can open MS Outlook without a problem but the moment it checks for email...freeze. My curser doesn't freeze, everything else on the screen does. I don't even get the blue screen of death; not even a black screen. Ctrl-alt-delete doesn't even do anything. I have to hard boot to get things back to normal again. By the way, I'm using Win98. I've had this computer for about 1 year and have not seen this problem before until about 1 month ago. Please help.

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PC Freezes when using internet

by Nicholas Paras In reply to PC Freezes when using int ...

I can assume that you are using Internet Explorer and upgraded to version 5.5 right? Thats where your problem is. I upgraded and the same thing happened to me, and even with an uninstall of the 5.5 browser back to my original browser, my pc still has the same problem. This might not help you but anyone else reading this answer, do not upgrade to version 5.5, there is no need, version 5 is a very good version and I don't see much room for improvement on that version, although there is some space..



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PC Freezes when using internet

by fathom In reply to PC Freezes when using int ...

Nope. I didn't upgrade my browser. I can transfer data if I use dial-up to into another persons computer. If I use the ISP dial-up, that's when I have problems. I don't have problems once it's connected; the problem is when either Internet Explorer or Outlook tries to pull data. Then it freezes.

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