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pc freezing

By paulzougaib ·

I had to replace my fan and cooler cause my other fan stopped working, i installed it on my machine which is an AMD 1800XP and it seems to freezing after 15min or so, especially when i am on the internet, i have an internal modem as wellwhat could be the problem, the cpu temp is usually around 30 degrees

thanks if anyone can help!!

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pc freezing

by zlitocook In reply to pc freezing

The old fan that stopped working could have caused heat damage on your cpu. Try checking your power supply, if it is defective it will do the same thing. Do you have ddr memory? You need to supply extra cooling for this type of memory sticks. Also do you clean and update your system? Like update your virus dat files and remove cookies, tmp files ect?

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pc freezing

by paulzougaib In reply to pc freezing

thanks for the quick response, the ram i have is sdram, and i have updated my virus definition within the last week
I have ran benchmarking tests on the CPU and seems to run ok and quiet stable, what i am gonna do next is format and reinstall winXPto see if it makes a difference

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pc freezing

by donmars In reply to pc freezing

make sure you installed the new fan in the correct direction of airflow. If you can tell by looking at the old fan then check that way. If not reverse the new fan and see what happens. Also you should have replaceed the the fan with the same exact type as the old one. Does it have the same CFM number? The same blade count?It is a DC fan so you could possibly plug it in reverse, causing the fan to spin backwards? (probably not since the plug is keyed.
Did you also apply a dab of heat sink grease (Thermal Compound) to the surface of the CPU sandwiching it between the CPU and Cooler?

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