All usb devices become unavailable after I use the pc very shortly

By ElStiletto ·
Tags: Hardware
So after cleaning the dust off my pc, its been acting very weirdly. After used a little bit the pc continues to work but all the usb slots become unavailable and the "plugged off" sound starts coming. When i restart the pc i can use it again for a short amount of time but the same thing happens. Now when i try to open it, a red light appears on the case on top of a bulb icon( note that it doesnt blink or anything it stays on ) What does this indicate?
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I suspect

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to All usb devices become un ...

...that your computer might be suffering a hardware issue with the USB controller. Does your computer have USB ports on back and front and if so have you tried using both sets?

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by ElStiletto In reply to I suspect

It does have usb port on the back and front and I have tried to do it so but the same thing persists. After a specific amount of usage i cant access any of the usb devices

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Re: usb devices

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to All usb devices become un ...

Some questions:
- Cleaning the dust from the outside of the inside of the PC?
- Only the USB ports on the motherboard, but also those on the front of the case (if any are present there) or on an extension card (if your PC has one)?
- You try to open it, but do you succeed in opening it?
- What does the user manual say about that mysterious red light on the case and that bulb icon? That's not some standard or Windows thing, that's certainly specific for your hardware.

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by ElStiletto In reply to Re: usb devices

A)cleaned the inside
B)yeah the same goes for both the front and the back usb slots.
C) yeah i can open it without any problems except the red ligh
D) according to the user manual its the power led. But i cant find anything about my case because in my case the light doesnt blink while in the user manual it adresses only the problems when the light blinks

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Re: USB stops

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to ..

It's unclear if this is a problem with the hardware (more likely in my opinion) or the software (less likely in my opinion).

To determine that boot from a Linux disc or stick (both are free to make) or install Windows 10 from scratch on another hard disk or SSD. If the same happens in those, it's hardware. Then replace the motherboard and reinstall Windows 10. If a new Windows is fine, continue with that and build it up to your full system.

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