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Pc Freezing up

By CyberGun ·
Hello I have a pc that I am currently working on and its a gateway with AMD 950mhz processer and 256mb ram its got an AMIBOS Mother board,cdrom,3.5 1.44 drive, 80gb WDhd, Running windows ME.

The problem is when the pc loads windows it will lock up completly the only way to shut it off is to power off, it doesnt do this all the time maybe 70% it may work for 2-3min or may work for an hour ,it also will lock up in safe mode.

I have replaced the original HD, Power supply changed ram, changed video cards its AGP by the way and I have removed all cards and just left the video same results. I have also checked to make sure the AGP is set in the bios as main video. The only thing i havent tryed is to use a PCI video card.

I also have checked the Temp of the Cpu and its around 28c

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by CyberGun In reply to Pc Freezing up

I also have done a complete reinstall of the OS

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by CyberGun In reply to Pc Freezing up

Also I have noticed that most times it gets ready to lock up you can hear a low pitched whine noise and then it locks up I thought it was the HD but it even does it with the new HD I thought it might be the cpu fan but its still runing.

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by fungus-among-us In reply to Pc Freezing up

Wow... sounds like you've done a lot to this machine. The only thing you haven't changed is the CPU and motherboard. How did you come to determine the temp of the CPU? Through the BIOS or a software monitoring program? (you can't get back into the BIOS fast enough after resetting the computer to get the proper temp readings) Lockups are frequently caused by excessive heat and/or inadequate power supply voltages (especially since you've already re-loaded the OS).

Personally, I would run memtest (tests 5 and for 48 hours while I had a Voltmeter connected to the 12v, 5v, and 3v rails to check for stable voltages. I'd also remove the heatsink, clean the thermal pad/paste off and re-apply a new coating of arctic silver (or any GOOD thermal paste).
Is your system overclocked? Has it ever been overclocked/overvolted?

Good Luck

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Pc Freezing up

You are doing things the hard way here. I'm lazy and always do it the easy way I start off with a Live Linux and load from the CD ROM and see if the system works properly. If it does then you have a Windows Problem that you need to fault find and if if doesn't work you can throw the ultimate Boot CD at the system to run some diagnostics with.

As for a Live Linux goes any will do and if you need one in a hurry just walk into your local Newsagent and buy a Linux Mag with a Live Linux as a Cover CD, it's fast & cheap.

Failing that you can download any Live Linux that you like here is a site that has quite a few

You can get a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD from here you should have both in your tool kit as they save you heaps of time and effort.


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by CyberGun In reply to Pc Freezing up

Thanks I will check into this info tonight, and the CPU is not overclocked.

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by datm13 In reply to Pc Freezing up

Hey datm here,
computer guy, it most likely is your mother board
I take care of 300+ work stations and servers.
We had aout 20 of that type all running about the same in hardware. all gave me he*&. finally i took
one and broke it down inch by inch. it's two chips on the board. No way to replace for the average person. sorry, to be the one to tell ya. good luck.

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by pcxotto In reply to Pc Freezing up

Sounds very much like cpu. I have seen many pc's w/ indiscriminate freezing. Sometimes just taking the cpu out and re-seating it can fix problems.

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by vinitogupta In reply to Pc Freezing up

I have one suggestion for u try this clear the cmos with jumper and remove the cmos cell, reset the processor put some silver arc thermal paste fire up the system and ignore the post messege and c whether the system works or no, if yes then change the cmos battery put the jumper back in the position and again c whether it works or no.

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