PC Freezing...

By avonrep4u ·
Ok, I have PC that keeps freezing up regardless of the program running. It even freezes while in safe mode. It's also starting to have issues even booting up (hit or miss on this one).

I have done a cleanup, deleted all temp files & internet files, disk defrag, made sure anti-virus is updated and not detecting any viruses, have plenty of free space, inards are clean & dust free and fan is working fine...

This PC is homemade and several years old, but for the most part still runs like a champ.... It's had a new power supply 2 years ago, new hard drive 2 months ago and I'm running XP home edition on it. The problem just started last week for no apparent reason. I did install one new program (after the first time the pc froze though)... Also, it initially froze about 1.5 - 2 weeks ago, then not again for a few days, now it freezes after about 10 minutes of use.

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Check the following-

by NexS In reply to PC Freezing...

1: System and application event logs
(control panel> Administrative tools> event viewer) to see if there are any indications on what might be causing it.

2: do a disk check ("chkdsk" from a command prompt)

3: try loggin in using a different username to see whether the issue is profile related.

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by avonrep4u In reply to Check the following-

PC is freezing faster now, I get as far as Admin Tools and it freezes... There is only one user on the PC, however when I go in under safe mode it has Admin & Owner, I've tried both and it froze in safe mode on both users.

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Start - Run - eventvwr.msc - ENTER

by NexS In reply to Ugh!

That should take you straight there.
Good luck!!

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my two cents

by PurpleSkys In reply to PC Freezing...

what are computer specs? and the program you installed, was it compatible with what you do have for specs? ie: enough ram and hdd space

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pc specs

by avonrep4u In reply to my two cents

PC Specs: 512 DDR PC 2100 RAM, 320G HD, 266 mhz FSB Athlon 1.7 ghz

Game Specs: 66Mhz 486 DX or faster, 16 MB RAM, 22 MB hard disk space

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Sounds like possible CPU issue

by rjluvkc In reply to PC Freezing...

Possibly the CPU is overheating. Have you made sure all fans are working and clean? If you can try reseating the CPU.
Hope this helps.

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by avonrep4u In reply to Sounds like possible CPU ...

Both fans are clean and running. When you say reseat the CPU, do you mean unplug it from MB & everything and plug it back in or make sure it screwed in where it needs to be?

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yep and....

by ---TK--- In reply to CPU

don't forget the thermal grease!

I would also look for poped capacitors on the motherboard... I recently had to replace my brother in laws Motherboard b/c it was having the exact same symptom. He had bad caps...

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CPU & Capacitors

by avonrep4u In reply to yep and....

Ok tried taking the CPU out and back in, unplugged & plugged all attachments, capacitors appear to be fine and still no go... It boots (sometimes) and this time froze on log in.

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Maybe a power supply starting to fail too

by rjluvkc In reply to CPU & Capacitors

Do you have another one to test with?

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