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PC get Restart

By arvind ·
Dear Sir,

I have a peculiar problem. I am running on Win 98 and use IE5.5. When ever I start any of Internet Tool like Outlook express, IE, Messengers or anything, in 50% cases My computer get rebooted. It is costing a lot of corporate time. Please help how should I rectify it.

I do not want to loose any info and do not want to format my Hard disk. That is for sure.

Thank you

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by LMon In reply to PC get Restart

Check for viruses. There's alot of viruses now that restart your machine.

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by LMon In reply to PC get Restart

Check for viruses. There's alot of viruses now that restart your machine.

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by TheChas In reply to PC get Restart

Reboots on W98 systems are often caused by running out of system resources.

After checking for viruses, there are a few more things to check.

Start by checking for an updated driver for your video card.

Next, do you have DirectX version 9 installed?
With many older video cards and drivers, DirectX 9 can cause a number of system problems.
If the driver for your video card does NOT support DirectX 9, you should remove DirectX 9, and install the latest version that is supported by the video driver.
You can find DirectX removal tools at

Next, run a check for Ad-Ware and Spy-ware using AdAware and
SpyBot Search and Destroy.
(I use the link from

How much RAM and free hard drive space do you have?
For W98, you want between 128MB and 384MB of RAM, and at least 1GB of free hard drive space.

I recommend against using a fixed size page file for ANY version of Windows after 3.11.

You may be able to fix some problems by running a registry repair tool such as V-Com Fix-It, or Norton Win Doctor.

If a registry cleanup does not fix the problem, I do suggest a clean install of Windows.
You can get 90% of the benefit of a format and install by deleting the registry files.
Most of the benefit of a clean installation of Windows is that you start over with a clean and compact registry.
You will need to re-install all of your applications. But, your data files will be intact.


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by Oz_Media In reply to PC get Restart

Virus, Trojan, Spyware:

Virus (if you aren't using a corporate Av program) try AVG free edition (excellent!)

Spyware: Ad-Aware is a MUST for any INternet enabled machine.

If the above doesn't help, try an online trojan scan (there are many) and it will at least identify the trojan, a simple search will give you the removal tools.

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by georgian3000 In reply to PC get Restart

it is a virus issue do the following
run_ type(services.msc)--in services(local)--press "R"button 4time.--select 'remote procedure call--select recovery and in that set all the option to 'take no action'-- and close that window,
restart the system & connect to net and goto and downloat the latest patch for the virus \
this must help ur system

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by phstacker In reply to PC get Restart

There is one other possibility that I too, (Win98SE), just ran into, and that is a failing memory module.
You can run Microsofts Memory tester to see if the memory is working correctly. I had failures at all test levels which were corrected my merely removing the modules, cleaning the contacts, and reinstalling.
Benchmark testing has revealed no more crashes;where it had been randomly crashing during tests before.

Mem Test here:

The procedures are fairly clear in that all you require is a formatted floppy and to run the mtinst.exe to have the program build you a boot memory diagnostic disk. Put the floppy in the drive (ensure the floppy is the first boot device in te BIOS - if you know how), and reboot.

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