PC gets bogged down, reboot, bogged down again.

I have a Dell PC s.4 Ghz with 1.0 GB of RAM. In general I have the following applications that run most of the time - Mozilla Firefox, Excel, Auction Sentry (for Ebay), Trend Micro - antivirus, and Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Word. The problem I'm having is my performance gets bogged down quickly and then I have to close everything and reboot. The problem is it is extremely inconvenient to just have all these photos I'm working with and then just have to stop everything and start over because the performance is poor. I am open to try whatever may work best. I don't have any trouble on my Apple Laptops - I have 2 an 867 mhz and a 1.0 GB and both of those machines are faster ALWAYS than my Dell PC at 2.4 GHz. I can do as much work as I like I never have to reboot my Apples.
Any ideas? thanks so much

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Page File

by TheChas In reply to PC gets bogged down, rebo ...

I would start with your virtual memory (page file) settings.

With that many memory intensive applications running, you need to allow for a very large page file. I would be tempted to set the minimum size to 2GB and no maximum.

Next, if possible, add another GB of RAM.
Doubling your installed RAM will make a big difference in performance.

It is also possible that you have a memory leak. That is, applications are leaving bits and pieces in memory and not clearing the RAM when they are finished.

If you have not done so already, run a spy-ware scan. Then use the performance monitor to see if your memory is filling up.

If you do have a memory leak, I know of only 2 ways to plug the leak.

1. Use a memory manager. I consider these to be a short term fix, but they work very well for some users.

2. Wipe out Windows and start over.
Yes, it's a pain, but unless you have a lot of time and skill to identify the DLL or application that is leaking, it is the best way to fix the memory plumbing.


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can you suggest a memory manager?

by PENGUINSRULE In reply to Page File

I'm not very familiar with these programs -
can you suggest one? thanks

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