PC gets Slo when I burn files ON DVD

By roc2x ·

Anybody can advice me on my problem?
My PC tens to slow down when I copy files to be burn in DVD (image file) and burn the Image file to DVD. IS IT NORMAL?
Because browsing file slow down
Watching movies AVI. DVIX also slow.

ANy advice?

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by Jacky Howe In reply to PC gets Slo when I burn f ...

I burn DVD's I normally go and have a cup of coffee. Can you run three miles, make scrambled eggs and butter the toast at the same time. Let the PC handle the Burning by itself. Less chance of failures. :)

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to When

I avoid using the PC for anything but the burn when I burn DVD or CD. Fix a fresh cup of coffee, wash a couple dishes, make a sandwich, and just pop my head in the door periodically to make sure things are proceeding as they should.
I have a reasonably new PC with a reasonable amount of RAM and a 2G processor. Burning is still slow...

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thnks bro

by roc2x In reply to When
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by ComputerCookie In reply to thnks bro

thumbs up alround!!!!

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