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    PC Glitches


    by jawu_2012 ·

    Hello everyone!

    Of late, I have been facing persistent problems in the computer
    can anyone help me?
    These are the problems:
    [1] My computer is very slow
    [2] It hangs all the time
    [3] It takes a long time to install software
    [4] Net speed is very slow.

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      by jawu_2012 ·

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      need more info

      by sue t ·

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      what operating system is on the computer, how much memory, what anti virus, etc. That being said – did you do a full system scan with your anti virus software after updating the virus definitions. Have you done a scan for malware/spyware? This will get us started so we can provide more help when we know these answers. Someone else may even have more questions for you.

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        Reponse To Answer

        by jawu_2012 ·

        In reply to need more info

        Operating system:Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit(6.1,build 7600)
        Memory:1024MB RAM
        Anti virus :Avast

        I have not done a scanning of the PC nor for a malware/spyware.
        Should i do the scanning of the system if you say.


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      PC Glitches

      by d.gore ·

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      Check the Task Manager – Performance tab – how much OVER the physical RAM is being used – every MB that has to be swapped to the Harddisk swapfile will slow the PC down considerably…
      IF its running out of RAM – Upgrade – its cheap….

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      try safe mode

      by databaseben ·

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      try booting into windows safe mode and see if performance is improved in that environment. if so, then the first thing i would do is to execute a clean boot.

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      With only 1024 meg RAM, and not knowing what your CPU speed is,

      by Wizard57M-TR ·

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      I would say not enough memory…with only 1 gig, it could be assumed you also have
      an older system, so the CPU might be slow (less than say 1.6gHz) and that will affect
      performance. Other system components could be playing a role as well, such as
      the age of your hard disk drive, your video card, etc. It could be time to update your
      system. A lot of the modern software packages will tax older systems almost to the
      freezing point.

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      Malware scan

      by fourdogs111 ·

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      Have you scanned for malware with scanners such as Superantispyware?

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      by jawu_2012 ·

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      yes i have scanned

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        Reponse To Answer

        by smartacew0lf ·

        In reply to yes

        1.) what were the results of the scan?
        2.) you definitely need more memory in this system. while 1G may be enough to run windows 7, it certainly is not adequate to run more than one or 2 apps at the most in addition to the OS. A system starved for memory, will be sluggish in every aspect as you describe above.
        3.) is there any tangible increase in performance when running in safe mode? If so, remove all but the most vital of applications from within your startup group via msconfig utility. If you are unsure of what you can and cannot remove, I would suggest WinPatrol as a decent program to use until you become more affluent as it offers a one click source for further explanation of each.

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      Beginning steps on fixing your PC

      by ramong617 ·

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      I have three simple steps on how to increase the speed of a Windows computer.

      1. Defragment the primary disk. Defragment is a diagnostic tool that increases access speed by rearranging files. This reducing your startup time. Defragment by pressing start>type defrag in search> enter defrag and begin.
      2. Another simple step to helping your computer run faster on the web is to erase all the temporary files on your PC. Open up your command prompt. Type in these commands. Type cd/ then press enter. Then type ???del *.tmp /s???. These commands should erase all of your temporary files that slow up you PC and internet.
      3. You can also delete all of your Internet history files including cache and cookies. These files can prevent your PC from running fast. Just go to the tools tap a click erase all internet files.

      **P.S. There are many ways to make your PC run faster. If these few steps didn???t work I have much more suggestions.

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