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    PC goes black when connected to internet


    by demarcus39209 ·

    My PC only goes black when I connect through dial-up and open my internet browsers 5.5 or any application that uses internet such as Norton Antivirus update. What can I do?

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      Reply To: PC goes black when connected to internet

      by zlitocook ·

      In reply to PC goes black when connected to internet

      What dial up do you use? And when did this start? What O/S are you using and what SP? Go into the control panel and look at the hardware is there any ! marks by any thing? I know you can not get to the internet but can you get IE 6 from someone and install it?
      Another old question how offten do you scan your computer for virus, malware ect?
      Do you back up and keep the back up away from your computer? Have you checked the event viewer to see it tells you any thing?
      Get stinger and a boot CD with UBCD and use those on your computer to see if it helps.

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