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    PC Hangs !!!


    by ifte ·

    I hav a p4 machine with 2 40GB HDD, 256MB RAM, DVD and CDRW on Win2k Pro. Sometimes my computer just hangs and I dont get any log entries in the event viewer as to y it happened. However, the HDD makes a wierd soft low tone noise when the PC freezesand only way to revive is restarting the machine. It usually happens when I play mp3’s. Tried checking cables and all, re-installing Win2k.. dont know ehre the problem is actually… PLEASE HELP

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      Just fishing …

      by jardinier ·

      In reply to PC Hangs !!!

      Does the weird low tone noise from the HDD continue after the computer freezes? Have you tried swapping the hard drives so that the primary (or master) becomes the secondary (or slave) and vice versa? If the problem persists, this would at least eliminate the HDDs as being the source of the problem.

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      Reply To: PC Hangs !!!

      by djent ·

      In reply to PC Hangs !!!

      Check task manager for processes stuck in a loop.

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        Please explain how?

        by ifte ·

        In reply to Reply To: PC Hangs !!!

        I’m sorry but how do I know that, I mean how do I know whether the processes are in loop

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          Reply To: PC Hangs !!!

          by djent ·

          In reply to Please explain how?

          Right click on the task bar, choose task manager, choose performance tab, is CPU running near 100%? Choose processes tab, look for a process other then sytem idle that is high CPU usage (90+%, right click that process, choose end task. Check performance tab for CPU resources. If your problem was solved find where the runaway process came from and replace or update. A looping process is one that never completes but just keeps cycling.

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      check IDE connections

      by old and tired.. ·

      In reply to PC Hangs !!!

      how are the 4 IDE devices connected?
      would suggest the following –
      Primary – HDD
      Secondary – DVD/CDRW
      on both channels as appropriate

      also….since it seems to occur on playing MP3’s…have you set up the software to poll internet sites for track info?…in this scenario, it could be that the particular track being played is not in any list, and so the HDD…where your internet browser resides…is stuck in a loop waiting for a response from a web site

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        What is a loop?

        by ifte ·

        In reply to check IDE connections

        Thank u for all the replies.. no the the software is not set up as u thought it was. The IDE connections are as follows:
        Primary Master : HDD
        Primary Slave: HDD
        Secondary Master: CDRW
        Secondary Slave: DVD

        Another thing even after the computerhangs u can still here that wierd low tone sound coming from the HDD.. but dont think my HDD head has crashed otherwise wudn’t hav worked. It is very confusing 2 me. Please help.

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          Firstly you’ll have to move the

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to What is a loop?

          CD Burner and DVD onto different IDE channels because if you ever wish to record a CD from the DVD then it probably will fail to record properly this should be stated in the book that came with the CD Burner.

          Now I think we are all assumint that you have sound and it only stops when you attempt to play an MP3 file. Is this correct? Or don’t you have any sound at all? If its the first then something is wrong with your MP3 software and if its the second they the M’Board/sound card isn’t setup properly.

          It would be helpful to know what OS you are using and what software as well like CD Recording, DVD player, MP3 player ect as it could be a basic conflict between these peices of software. If everything is working properly and you are attempting to play MP3’s through Media Player 9 from MS then it’s probably set up to check the web for information before it will play the file and this is causing your problem but thats only a guess and without some more detail its a bit hard to proceed any further.

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      Reply To: PC Hangs !!!

      by kanwaljit.jite ·

      In reply to PC Hangs !!!

      Try running scandisk / chkdsk for bad/lost sectors. This might be happening when these sectors are read.

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      SOLVED !!!

      by ifte ·

      In reply to PC Hangs !!!

      Thx to the problem wa with the IDE connectors I think.. cos after changing it the problem ahs not occured anymore. just switched the HDD and the burners and stuff as mentioned by I thank every1 for helping me out

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