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PC hangs after 640C usb prn switched on

By Rohintonsc ·
I am using a Mercury 810 motherboard, 394MB Ram, 40GB HDD with winxp sp2, HP 640C prn connected to the usb port. If the prn is switched on after the pc has booted, the pc hard hangs and has to be restarted. Pl help me.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to PC hangs after 640C usb p ...

yuk. did this used to work? maybe we get lucky and your cable has a short or something...
can you try the printer and same usb cable on another computer? another xp sp2 box with same version of printer driver would be ideal if you could swing it...
you've tried another usb port on this computer, yes? and another usb cable?
if problem follows printer, bad usb on printer. i can wonder thru my hat if grounding problem or something shorting? but hardware is not my area...
if printer is fine on another computer, you may need to add in a replacement usb card and disable the on board usb on your mercury. but you could try flashing bios to latest greatest and installing all the latest drivers for your motherboard and

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

did you build this box. you have the case grounded properly, yes?
you don't have printer and computer on separate power circuits do you?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

any other usb devices on this problem system. not a usb cable modem by any chance?

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by Rohintonsc In reply to

Thanks a lot. There were no shorts as other usb devices work sort of ok. The complete comp gizmos are attached to the same power strip.Flashing the bios is toooo complecating for me. I took the easy way out as u sugested and bought myself a 4 port usb pci card which is working ok. Thanks again for your help.

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by Rohintonsc In reply to PC hangs after 640C usb p ...

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