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PC hangs/stops

By celestekarishma ·
Re-loaded WinXP from scratch & it freezes half way throu. Re-boot and still same thing happens. PC beeps, screen on, and even stops @ pre-boot process. Could it be the videocard has gone or is it overheating? Suggestions please.

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by Nilt In reply to PC hangs/stops

This can be caused by darned near any hardware, actually. When I get this, the first thing I do is pull everything except the video card and RAM. This includes any RAID controllers or add-on hard drive controllers. I can't tell you how often I see these lock up an install due to a weird hardware conflict. If that doesn't help or you have only RAM and the video card in now, run a memory test.

I like personally. If you get any errors, you need to replace the memory. If you have multiple DIMMs (sticks) then try running the test again with just one at a time in.

The test is helpful if it has errors as it allows you to troubleshoot more effectively. If you get no errors, you could still have bad RAM; I have a stick of laptop RAM that I keep which causes errors yet passes all memory tests flawlessly. This is uncommon but possible. Try swapping with RAM you know is good if you have no other hardware in the system.

Hope this helps; lockups without errors are difficult to troubleshoot. Keep us posted.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to PC hangs/stops

It could be a number of things. Make sure that if you are using a raid card that you F6 it during setup and install the correct drivers. I have seen it do funky things without these drivers.

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