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PC hangs while copying to CDRW

By luschen1611 ·
I am copying files to a CDRW for backup purposes. It works fine w/ small files (.xls, .doc., etc.) but the whole system hangs on large files after showing about 9 progress bars (325 MB Outlook .pst file for exampe). Copying files to the CDRW via DirectCD works fine with small files but has the same problem w/ large files. I have tried copying many small files together that total 200MB and it hangs about half way through the process (more then 9 progress bars).

I am going to try readjusting the virtual memory page size to a larger amount (currently at 192MB), but am looking for answers to this in case that doesn't resolve it. This is a win2000 PC and am using Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.


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by willcomp In reply to PC hangs while copying to ...

Look at buffer utilization. Should be at or near 100% to prevent under-runs.

I found EZ CD Creator 4 and 5 problematic handling CDRW media. Some installations worked fine, some didn't. EZ CD Creator 6 has been much more stable and reliable.


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by ReWrite In reply to PC hangs while copying to ...

I have used Roxio 5 on my w2k machine since it came out and have never had any problems and I make 600+ rw's weekly. Let's start with the simple stuff. How is the CD connected (internal, scsi, usb; I have a usb)? What are the Project Properties set to (I use Joliet and Mode2)? When creating the CD do you have the Buffer Underrun Prevention option selected (I do)? Also, are you doing a track at once or disk at once (I do a disk at once).

My guess is that it is tied to the buffer underrun and the write speed. If you have the buffer underrun prevention chcecked then try slowing down the write speed a little. You will oly have this option if your recorder supports it.

Another thing you might want to do is check for any updates. There were new updates in Sept of this year.



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by TheChas In reply to PC hangs while copying to ...

I think you have hit upon the primary problem, insufficient resources.

Unless you have a large amount of RAM (over 1GB) restricting the page file to less than 500MB WILL cause system lockups and other issues.

The old rule of thumb for a fixed size page file based on a multiple of installed RAM is obsolete.

In reality, with Windows 9X and newer, the less physical RAM you have the larger the page file (virtual memory) should be.

My absolute minimum memory settings is 1GB of combined physical and virtual memory.

For a good article on virtual memory, check out:


One other thing, do you have the latest Easy CD update installed?
The last revision of Easy CD 5 is
Installing the update took care of a number of issues I had with version 5.


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by luschen1611 In reply to

Most relevant answer to the problem.

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by luschen1611 In reply to PC hangs while copying to ...

Thanks for your replies.

This is a problem at work that I am having, so I will try to give those a try tomorrow and get back with you. This is on a military PC and so at this point in time I need admin access for the page file size adjustment, and maybe for the things that you suggested. May not be till Monday that I can test all these, but I will let you know.


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by luschen1611 In reply to PC hangs while copying to ...


I tried the following to no success...
1. Lower the write speed down to 2x (won't accept 1x)
2. Increased the page file size from 192MB to 700-900 MB (which is bigger then a CD holds)

I am copying files via DirectCD, so there is no option to check for buffer underrun, Joliet vs. Mode2, etc. I have downloaded the update to 5.3.5 but need admin rights to install it.

Any other suggestions other then the update?


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by AcesKaraoke In reply to PC hangs while copying to ...

Make sure you have enough buffer running to handle the large load.

You are using a CDRW, is it one you've used previously?

There's really only so many times they can be written to and accurately read from. The price of CDRW's is still pretty prohibitive compared to CDR's plus they don't read in every CD rom. I can't recommend strongly enough that you use CDR's instead for your backups, finalize the CDR when you are done, and archive it in a safe place.

You will at least save money, plus you'll have a MUCH more reliable backup to work from when you need it.

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by Blippo49 In reply to PC hangs while copying to ...

I am using Easy CD Creater 4 that came with my computer and have just started having the problem you describe. If I copy a file larger than about 15 MB or so to CD-RW using DirectCD, the copy stalls part of the way through. My machine came preconfigured with Windows 2000 and Easy CD Creator 4 and it worked fine (3 years) until recently. My best guess is that an operating system update from microsoft or some other recently installed software is causing the problem. It is difficult to troubleshoot because there is no error message. Cancelling the stalled copy can cause Windows 2000 to hang. I don't have an answer but thought you might want to know it is not an isolated problem.

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by luschen1611 In reply to PC hangs while copying to ...

The system that was having the problem got replaced for an updated system, so I don't know for sure what was the cause. It was the CDRW disc cause it works fine in the newer system.

Thanks for your help.

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by luschen1611 In reply to PC hangs while copying to ...

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