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By pythoncancer ·
Hello,My desktop (hp,e-vectra) can`t power up.i can see a green light and then nothing.
checked IDE cable looks good,power cable works fine too.on pressing power button,Process Runs for a Second and Hard drive Spins as well, but suddenly it shuts off and I have to unPlug and Plug it back in to test it again.No beeping or anything on monitor.What Could be the Problem, which Compenent is bad if anyone can help - with thanks !

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by dustyD In reply to PC Hardware

Could be your motherboard is shorted against the case, memory is not seated well, powersupply has given up the ghost.

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by willcomp In reply to PC Hardware

Basic troubleshooting be it a server or desktop.

1. Reduce to fewest components required to boot. Mobo, CPU, RAM, video adapter, and power supply. Remove all other cards. Disconnect power and signal cables from all drives.

2. Try to boot with minimal configuration. If successful, sequence other components back until problem is located.

3. If minimal boot is not successful, remove and reseat memory and video adapter. Also check CPU. Replace components (RAM, video, CPU, power supply) one at a time.

Goal is to narrow down possibilities and then reinstall components or troubleshoot with fewest possible causes.


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by chanmkr In reply to PC Hardware

check cmos batery with multimeter if is less than 3 volts changing cmos batery

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by pythoncancer In reply to PC Hardware

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