PC is keeps on hanging

By gaurav2325 ·
I have PC Running since 4 years with the following configuration but

since 3 months my PC is keeps on getting hanging any time.


OS: Windows XP
System: P4, 2.80 GHZ
Graphic card: NVIDIA GFORCE 9400 GT
TV TUNER CAR Gemini (5 years old)
DVD R/W: LG (1 year)
HD Segate HDD (80 GB) had 56 KB bad sector now chnaged with new one

SEGATE 1TB (on 21st NOV 2010).
RAM: 1 GB + 512 MB (on 2 slots)
ANTIVIRUS : KASPERSKY 2011 internet security

I have formatted my system twice but the issue remains same.

Following steps already taken:

1. HDD replaced with NEw one
2. SMPS replaced with new one (old one 3 years old).
3. RAM slots chnaged (had 1 GB and 512 MB RAM), now running on 512 MB

4. PC was running since 1 years on 1.5 GB (1 GB and 512 MB -- 2slots).

Still hanging whenever it wants.

Please help.

Gaurav GUpta

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Now running on 512 MB ?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to PC is keeps on hanging

Having it running on 512mb of ram is a little low for your system that is why it is hanging. Put in as much memory as you can for it to run smoothly.

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Depending on who made the RAM that could be a problem

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to PC is keeps on hanging

Try Mem Test 86 on the Ultimate Boot CD available free here

And test the RAM. You may need to leave the test running for several hours to fully test the RAM as recently I have had one system RAM fail after 3 hours of testing. So when it was cold it would run for 3 hours and then it produced 3,000,000 + errors in the next 30 minutes.

If you don't have the bandwidth available to download the CD you can download just the Mem Test utility from here

Though the Ultimate Boot CD would be better.

Also I would suggest cramming as much RAM as the M'Board can hold if this is an older style M'Board or a Max of 4 GIG in Dual Channel Mode which is the most that can be used with any 32 Bit OS. Ideally with the RAM that would be 2 X 2 Gig Modules but that depends on your M'Board and how big a RAM Module it can Address. XP just works better with 4 GIG in Dual Channel Mode.


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This is what I'd do

by pradeep_chk In reply to PC is keeps on hanging

Check for swollen capacitors on the Motherboard
**** off the dust with a blower
Change the RAM

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