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PC is making up User Accounts.

By japalm419 ·
My PC just did this for the second time last night, I'll be in the middle of something, and it will just start shutting down, then when it reboots I get 4 new user accounts, and they are all password protected, initially I have My admin account and a guest account that is turned off, the NEW accounts are (ASERY'S) (SUPPORT268265A0) (ASP.NET)AND (NET) I know what the ASP.NET is, but why is it creating itself and all these others, any thoughts out there??

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is this your home computer

by DadsPad In reply to PC is making up User Acco ...

are you online when this happens (many home online systems are always on, even if you are not online yourself).

If you are, you might have people breaking into your system. Unfortunately, the does happen, it can also come from cookie or spyware.

If you accounts cannot be used, you may have to erase your HDD and rebuild it. If you have saved an image of your HDD before all this happened, that would make things easier.

Good Luck

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It is my home PC

by japalm419 In reply to is this your home compute ...

Thanks for the reply, it is my home PC, My account stays fine, I just get logged off, my computer then restarts, and those 4 accounts are there, I cant get into any of those though, all I've been doing is go back through my Admin account and delete those with all files associated, unfortunately I didn't image my drive, but I think I'm just gonna go ahead and do a clean install, if it is someone getting into it, I'd like to know how they are getting past my firewall, its just weird the way its happening, Thanks again.

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