\\PC is not accessible. The user name could not be found.

By john.wythe ·
I getting this message when I try to view the shares on the named PC. I have three systems.
1) Windows XP Professional Version 2002 SP2
2) Windows 2000
3) Windows 2003

The XP system has two users on it. User A and user B. User A is also setup on the other two systems with the same password. User B on the XP can access shares on the other two systems using user A (entered at the pop screen). User A can only access the shares on system 3.
When I try to access system 2 either with the computer name, or the share directly I get \\PC is not accessible (where PC is the name of system 2.

I also have two linux systems with Samba shares that act the same way, one works, one doesn't. User A has the problem user B doesn't.

I would appear that something is stored on the XP system by user and PC. I have been unable to locate anything in the registry or in an INI file that would be a candidate.

In the recent past I was able to access those systems, now I can't. I have 2 linux systems and the W2K system that I can no longer access.

Anyone have any ideas or seen this problem before?


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First thing to try ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to \\PC is not accessible. ...

Shut everything down and stop completely.

Give it at least 10 minutes.

Start your network up again, ONE machine at a time. Let each workstation find whatever else is alive before starting the next workstation.

Just basically let the network identify itself again.

When was the last time you shut the whole network down completely?

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Thanks, I will try that.

by john.wythe In reply to First thing to try ...

It has been a long time since everthing on the network has been shut down. There are a lot of other computers on the network. Do I need to turn them all off, or just the ones involved. Maybe I could try putting the XP and the W2K box on their own hub and see what happens.

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I'd start with shutting down just the ones involved ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Thanks, I will try that.

See what happens when you fire them back up.

Basically all you are doing is clearing out any detritus in just the same way as you would if cycling a router didn't work - shutting it down and disconnecting its power for a few moments works wonders.

Worth a shot before you bring out the big guns.

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I shutdown both systems.

by john.wythe In reply to I'd start with shutting d ...

That didn't make any difference. I then plugged both systems into their own hub, but disconnected from the network. I was able to connect and browse the shares on the W2K system. I then plugged both back into the main network. At that point I was unable to access the shares. (User not found). I then plugged both system back into the hub. Still unable to access the shares or the system to see the shares. I then rebooted the XP. At that point I was able to access the shares. The XP is logging into a domain. The other two Windows machines do not, and are in a different workgroup. One of them works, the other doesn't.

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Two different Workgroups won't help matters ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I shutdown both systems.

This should be resolved as a matter of urgency, as you cannot expect three different machines to 'talk' across different workgroups.

Initially I wasn't aware that your network was as complex as it now appears to be. XP logging into a domain will not help matters, as the domain will prohibit access to any workgroup at all.

I'm rather surprised that you have three machines 'networked' when only two of them belong to a common workgroup and one is logging into a separate domain. Are all these machines yours?

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