pc is not showing one drive in my computer

By vasudevpardeep ·
I have earlier 4 hard disk drive on my computer C,D,E,F.But know it is showing only 3 that are C,D,e and also not showing data stored in that.

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I'm not really sure what you are asking here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to pc is not showing one dri ...

Do you actually have 4 HDD's in your computer or does it show 4 in My Computer?

There is a difference and a very big one as the Drives shown in My Computer are/can be just Partitions not Actual Drives.

However if you have 4 HDD's in your Computer not 4 Partitions on the HDD you can use the HDD Makers testing Utility to test each of the 4 HDD to make sure that none have failed or in the process of failing. Depending on who the HDD maker/s are you can get the Makers Testing Utility from here though you may have to download one for each drive if they are from different makers


If you have 4 Partitions on the 1 Drive then I would still test the Drive with it's Makers Testing Utility to confirm that it's functioning correctly but a Partition going missing and another not showing properly sounds like a Partition Table Corruption. Depending on how Important the Data Involved is something as simple as running chkdsk /r may be sufficient but if the Data is Important and must be recovered your only real option is to go to a Data Recovery Specialist.

Of course all of the above is assuming that you have physically checked the connections for everything and made sure that they are all correctly connected and getting power. You should also check the Power Supply as if it's beginning to fail/go off it may no longer be providing power to all the Outputs. This happens quite often with Dual/Multi Rail PS's where one rail fails so anything connected to that 1 rail doesn't get any power.


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pc is not showing one drive in my computer

by vasudevpardeep In reply to I'm not really sure what ...

These are partition not different hard disks.Data is not important in that partition.
Please suggest me what i can do know

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As Col said...

by TobiF In reply to pc is not showing one dri ...

The first thing to try now is chkdsk /r
Boot into computer restore, choose the command line, there, enter the command <i>chkdsk /r</i>.
Then, find something useful to do for at least a couple of hours...

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And if the data isn't important

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to pc is not showing one dri ...

Just go into Disc Management and format the Drive/Partition. I would however be running Check Disc Repair first to undo any damage to the Partition Tables.

Also running the HDD Makers testing Utility never hurts. You really want to know if you are having problems with the HDD before starting anything else.


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check error

by vasudevpardeep In reply to And if the data isn't imp ...

Thanx bro it is showing it in my computer.but when i tried to install xp in that partition it shows that it is corrupted but setup is running in other partition tell me what i ca n do now?

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chkdsk /r !

by seanferd In reply to check error

Fix the errors, then you can try installing software or loading data.

Depends on what the error is as well. You may need to re-create the partition, or run chkdsk again.

Installing an OS - make sure you know what you are doing if you want to install multiple OS for multi-boot.

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Reponse To Answer

by gomzy07 In reply to I'm not really sure what ...

What if I have 4 hard disk, and one of the drive is missing. How to find the problem then ??
Please help.

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OK what are you trying to achieve here?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to pc is not showing one dri ...

You had me till you got tot he bit about trying to install XP to that Partition. But it's installing to another partition.

What is the File System on this Partition ands where is it on the Drive?


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Corrupted Partition

by vasudevpardeep In reply to OK what are you trying to ...

I am working on Win 7 it is working fine.I have divided my hard disk into 4 parts ,using NTFS partition.I want to install XP in one of that partition But it is not installing setup show error,"corrupted partition and setup can't repair it"So what should i do to repair this corrupted partition.

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Well as said above

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Corrupted Partition

chkdsk /r is always a good starting point from a running OS. But depending on which Partition this is you may not be able to install an OS to it and retain your existing OS's in a Multi Boot Setup.

The Initial Partition on any HDD which can be any letter is always untouched after the First OS is installed. If it gets altered the Initial Boot Files get deleted and you only have the OS that you have just loaded available.


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