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    PC Issue


    by jcferrer2 ·

    My question is does anyone have any idea on how I can resolve my problem. The problem is one of office PC’s decided to go down on me where it would not do anything at all. I decided from there to clean the hard drive by formatting it, by doing so there is not OS installed. From there I restarted the PC, but after doing so the computer displays the “ERROR” Unable to control A20 line!” message when you start your computer, HIMEM.SYS did not load properly and therefore cannot make the extended memory or the high memory area (HMA) available.



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      by joseph moore ·

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      Did you reinstall an operating system?

      Anyway, here is a suggestion on what this is and how to fix it:

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      by wlbowers ·

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      When you performed the format you erased everything on the hard drive, including the os.

      You must either restore the machine using the software disk that came with it when you bought it or do a fresh install of an operating system.

      Good Luck Lee

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