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PC Key Tracker?

By Virgoan ·
Today i received a mail mentioned that there is this pc key tracker that may track all your pc information by just plug in from behind your desktop pc. I find this mail a bit like spam but out of curious just want to find out from the expert out there does this thing really exist?

The mail contents are like this (with pix but not attached here):
" A new device has been introduced to the marketplace that is a huge danger to anyone who uses a PC that is not theirs. It is known as a key tracker and it sits between the keyboard and the PC. As can be seen in the pictures it is very discreet but is probably one of the most dangerous items of equipment to personal information that is readily available. These devices record every key that is pressed on the keyboard. Due to it's position (it sits between the keyboard and the PC) the information is logged by the tracker before the PC knows about it and as such is very difficult for the PC to detect. They are available in both USB and PS2 formats so pretty much any PC can be logged. The user puts the tracker in line, leaves it there for a set amount of time and then retrieves it. They can then download the data onto their own PC.
If you intend to use a PC that is not yours (ie hotel business centre, internet caf�, airport etc) I would advise looking at the back of the PC to see if one of these trackers has been placed in line (scrambling under a desk is the better alternative to losing your email details). If you cannot get to see the back of the PC, I would suggest you don't use it for anything personal. If a tracker is there and you do not notice it, whoever placed it there (could be any user of that PC before you) will be able to recall all of your keystrokes - logins, passwords etc.
These trackers cost less than �30 and they are definitely out there already."

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If I wanted (which I don't) & I owned a Hotel or Cafe...

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to PC Key Tracker?

I'm sure I could come up with a much better way to do this that would require no PC Key at all!

I would just have some software sitting between the keystrokes and their intended processing. I would call this a invisible device a 'Keylogger Trojan'.

Google that term!


Granted the Key Logger would be a sly way for MR or Miss X to add to a machine and come back to reap later on. This is far more likely the danger.

My advice on this particular threat - carry your own flat roll-up keyboard and plug it in to a spare USB on any the host pc.

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Well ,key trackers do exists

by srinathkc In reply to PC Key Tracker?

The idea of devices based keyboard tracking is not at all new to the world.(but this new tracker, well m not that much sure) But i think this type of plug now, track now type device is new. Years back, there was a concept like embedding smart chips inside the keyboard, which the user wont know its existance. But it was too complex to install n use. there are also devices which is Wireless(may be bluetooth) which can capture n send keystrokes to another device which is in the range... but all those were no at all used for commercial uses.....

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