PC keyboard dead in normal mode but not safe mode

By davidmerit ·
Am getting a bit crazed with this one, involving an IBM Thinkpad T41 running Windows XP Pro SP2

If I boot in normal (non-safe) mode, the mouse pointer works but the keyboard is dead. I see the wallpaper, desktop icons, taskbar, and mouse pointer. I can move the mouse pointer using the glidepad or the pointer on the keyboard. I can click on two desktop icons and they animate, but thereafter even though the mouse pointer moves clicking the mouse buttons have has no effect. Anything else on the keyboard (besides moving the mouse using the pointer), including Ctl-Alt-Del, has no effect. PC doctor finds no problem. Booting to "Last Known Good Configuration" makes no difference.

In safe mode, the keyboard and mouse work fine.

I restored back to a week-old system checkpoint (which took maybe 10 minutes to run), and at the end an information screen comes up with an "OK" button, and clicking the button had no effect, and a title appeared above the system restore title saying system restore was not responding. Ctl+Alt-Del was not working. I did a hard reboot into normal mode, and now I get the normal desktop but the cursor turns into a hourglass when it is over the Taskbar (it may have been that way before the system restore -- I did not notice).

I thought I'd try updating the keyboard driver, but thing Device Manager thing tells me I've already got the latest one.

Nothing odd in SpyBot and Sophos scans.

Any ideas?

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Try this

by nepenthe0 In reply to PC keyboard dead in norma ...

1) Disconnect the keyboard
2) Delete the keyboard in Device Mgr
3) Reconnect the keyboard

Windows should detect the new keyboard and provide a default driver. If the keyboard has a driver with enhanced functionality, re-install it.

This is what clinicians call palliative therapy, not a cure. You describe more deep seated problems with the Windows installation.

Under these circumstances, I would recommend reinstalling Windows SP2. If you have no known issues with SP3, I recommend installing this after you reinstall Windows XP SP2.

Rick/Portland, OR

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Sort of like a Klingon 'Bird of Prey' eh ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Try this

The Klingon 'Bird of Prey' had a cloaking device.

Never took you for a Star Trek fan.

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by nepenthe0 In reply to Try this

You're right, Old Mycroft - I never paid any attention to that stuff, so I'm truly disconnected from mainstream culture.

Old Mycroft is usually less elliptic, and more directly blunt. At least, that way, I get the point.

I just replied to a note from OH Smeg:

Did I get this right? I know that T.E. Lawrence was working on jet-powered boats, but I thought he was on Army active duty, not Navy. Do you know which is correct?

Rick/Portland, OR

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Knew you couldn't resist the elliptic approach ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Huh?

Quick lesson on Star Trek:

The USS Enterprise, a starship, had to contend with two main aggressors:
#1 the Romulan 'Warbird'
#2 the Klingon 'Bird of Prey'

The Bird of Prey had a specific advantage in that it had a 'cloaking device' and could just blend into the starscape, becoming virtually undetectable.

In your previous post you mentioned "This is what clinicians call palliative therapy, not a cure."

Palliative comes from the Latin Palliare meaning to cloak.

...Just a crazy play on words from an educated Scot.

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Ahhh, so...

by nepenthe0 In reply to Huh?

That makes sense. I never thought about the etymology of palliative. You are an inexhaustible fund of knowledge, my good Scotsman...

By the way, yesterday's Wall Street Journal featured a review by Walt Mossberg of Mozilla/Firefox browser:

This is Firefox v. 3 in beta, currently posted for download on the Mozilla web site. Mossberg rarely gets very enthusiastic about this stuff, but his tests showed the new Firefox stomps IE.

So I downloaded and installed it alongside IE6. No interference - Firefox imported all my Favorites and settings, and it was easy to customize so that I have my preferred single toolbar.

Bottom line: Mossberg is right, Firefox v.3 stomps IE. Pass it on.

Rick/Portland, OR

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It's a laptop

by davidmerit In reply to Try this

Not sure how to disconnect the keyboard and mouse as it's a laptop and they are integrated. Is there a "logical" way to do that (via software)?

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Sorry - please disregard

by nepenthe0 In reply to It's a laptop

Somehow I glossed over Thinkpad and focused upon a PC issue. My recommendation is obviously irrelevant to your laptop.

Rick/Portland, OR

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Mmm - A couple of ideas...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to PC keyboard dead in norma ...

I had a situation last year that drove me and a couple of the other Peers almost to the point of throttling the nearest human.

#1 Can you get the onscreen keyboard up? Try and see if the pointer can last long enough to get a response from it.

#2 Have you got access to a USB keyboard. That would at least allow you to regain control of the system while diagnostics are carried out.

In the majority of cases, the mouse pad and the keyboard are the same beast when it comes down to drivers. If one goes the other goes too BUT not necessarily at the same time.

Has the T41 taken a knock - the keyboard ribbon may have become dislodged from the motherboard.

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It freezes too quickly

by davidmerit In reply to Mmm - A couple of ideas.. ...

There is not enough time before keyboard input/mouse click stops to do much of anything -- if I click on a desktop icon, it animates but the program does not launch.

I tried a USB keyboard and it had no effect (keyboard activity did not do anything).

Since there is an hourglass on the Taskbar, and since the keyboard works fine in safe mode, I wonder if Explorer (or whatever is different in safe vs normal mode) is the problem?

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Oooh I Hate these things

by Kenone In reply to PC keyboard dead in norma ...

I think your problem is the damn tablet software. Ibm has a new version of it but I couldn't find it without a tech's help, nice clean website they have there. Call Lenovo and get tech support, they know about this and can steer you to the upgrade software.

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