PC & Laptop Repair CD on ebay

By jasonlfarrell ·
PC & Laptop Repair CD on eBay has anybody actually used these?
Do they work?
What are their limitations?
Here is a example
I am not the seller, this is just a example.

If I have a windows license key where do I find windows o/s system that I can download?

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I wouldn't have a clue what these are like

by OH Smeg In reply to PC & Laptop Repair CD on ...

But judging by the price it looks like a Free Ware item something like Open Office that was being sold on E Bay by some people a while ago.

It's not illegal as they are only really selling the CD & postage not the data recorded on it.


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I wouldn't

by cmiller5400 In reply to PC & Laptop Repair CD on ...

If you have the COA and you contact your local M$ office, they should be able to ship you one. The one's that are online may contain viruses and malware. I wouldn't trust them.

As far as the "repair" CD's go, I would not touch it with a 10 meter pole. (I didn't look at it because it is blocked here... Just going on the impression that a person fixing your computer is better than some program) JMHO

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by jasonlfarrell In reply to I wouldn't

Hi Thanx
What is COA?

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by jasonlfarrell In reply to COA

Doh just found it

Certificate of Authenticity

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Why Pay for Free-Ware?

by TheChas In reply to PC & Laptop Repair CD on ...

This is just another in the same line of nothing for something as the ebay users selling CD copies of Open Office.

You can get most of the utilities listed for free.

In fact, why not just download and burn a copy of the "Ultimate Boot CD".
There are both Windows and Linux versions.

Another option is the MADBoot CD.

None of these including the one listed on ebay are recovery CDs. they are collections of utilities that can help you repair or at least verify a problem with a system. They are not a panacea, and will not resurrect a system that has missing Windows files.


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by jasonlfarrell In reply to Why Pay for Free-Ware?

Cheers Chas,

Have you used spinrite ? from it comes highly recemmended

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