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PC/LCD TV connectivity issue.

By davidwlay ·
Hello there, having been a laptop user for about the last 10 years I'm a bit out the loop with regards to connecting monitors etc to a PC.

Basically, I'm being given a PC (about 4 years old, running XP) which I'm intending to connect to my LCD TV (using a standard VGA cable), are these components going to require a driver of any kind or just simple plug-and-play?

Thanks in advance!

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No drivers required

by NickNielsen In reply to PC/LCD TV connectivity is ...

As long as your TV has the VGA inputs and can recognize and use the input signals from the PC, you shouldn't need drivers.

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That's what I found

by santeewelding In reply to No drivers required

'Cepting the outrageously expensive, gold-plated, blessed-by-the-Pope cable I bought from Best Buy.

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Radio Shack is almost as bad

by NickNielsen In reply to That's what I found

Had to buy a new USB A-B cable the other day after the one I use at work finally bought the dust. [Aside: That cable was only eight years old, too. Why don't things last these days?] What Best Buy wanted for the 10' they had was what I paid at Radio Shack for the 12' I got and twice what I would have paid to get a 15' from Newegg.

The big box stores know they've got you, though, when you walk through their doors looking for cables.

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Just what Nick said

by benwal91 In reply to PC/LCD TV connectivity is ...

Just like Nick said, if the TV has a VGA port you should be good to go. No special kind of software or hardware to buy.

If you want kick *** HD, get a DVI/HDMI cable. (You will need a DVI connector on the PC for it to work, VGA to DVI will not work)

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