PC momentarilly starts then shuts down

By jea333 ·
When I turn on the PC all of the fans and LEDs light up momentarilly then everything shuts down.I have a PC with an ASUS PSN32-E SLI plus installed. I reseated all of the connectors on the mobo, HDD and Opt drive. Then I unplugged on cable at a time and restarted after each. When I removed the ATX12V supply cable from the mobo it started and stayed running but I received no video out. This cable is labelled P2 and is 2 black wires and 2 yellow/black striped wires. I think this is the CPU power? Anyway I don't know if this is a mobo problem or if I can replace something else? I didn't re-seat the CPU as this appears to be clamped into place.

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Bad Power Supply

by TheChas In reply to PC momentarilly starts th ...

My best guess is that you have a bad or weak power supply.

The 12 volt Aux power connector was added to the ATX power standard a few years back as motherboards started needing more power than could be provided from the circuits on the regular power connector.

Anyhow, your system shuts down because the motherboard senses low voltages and does not send out the power good signal.

It sort of powers up with the AUX connector removed because you have reduced the load on the power supply.

A new power supply rated for a higher wattage should fix the problem. If you have a 400 watt supply, get a 500 watt supply. One thing to check on a new supply is that it has the drive power connectors you need.


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I think

by NexS In reply to PC momentarilly starts th ...

That if you had have typed 'Mobo' one more time, I would have gone 'Round the Twist' and become a serial killer.

I would be very surprised if your computer started without any power to the processor.

One thing to take into consideration is when the computer started playing up. If it was all of a sudden, than it's likely to be as Chas said - Power supply.

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The Power Plug that the OP is talking about here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I think

Is the Supplementary 12 V DC Power Plug that provides power to the Video not the CPU so when it's not plugged in the Video is unlikely to work.

Not the CPU so the unit should run so I would be looking at either the Power Supply being faulty, the Video Card having something wrong with it or the M'Board suffering damage through the 12 V Lines to the Video.

Here I'm with Chas as the first place to start looking and most likely the right thing to change.


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