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pc net, too basic?

By haveuhadurkandy2day ·
im currently taking personal computer and network technology classes, but i fear the class is too basic and will need additional training or need to take a different path in the IT trainig field all together, can anyone tell me what line of work i should be looking for after cert, and what would be a good course to study if i decide to obtain extra training after my graduation and cert. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

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If you understand the basics already

by rickydoo In reply to pc net, too basic?

you don't need the course. If you can look to the end of the curriculum and say "I know all this stuff like the back of my hand" then you are wasting your time. Having said that, knowing how to turn on a computer, and how to plug an RJ45 connectorinto a hub doesn't cut it. You need to know what happens between the time you press the button and the time your Windows desktop appears. You need to know the difference between NetBEUI and TCP/IP, and you need to know the difference between a hub and a switch. If you don't master the basics you will be heading into any additional training blind.
As for additional training and the line of work you should get into, that's your department. No-one here can tell you you're better off in hardware support or Oracle database administration, that's up to you. Once you complete a PC/Network training course, which can be considered the foundation for just about any IT discipline, you will probably have found a specialty which piques your interest and compliments your own personal set of skills (My basic skillset is tinkering, which makes me good at deskside support and network topology. Yours may be math, and you may lean towards programming). Then you will know not only whether your next step is CCNE, MCSE, C# or XML, but what those jumbles of letters mean.

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already enrolled?

by ghstinshll In reply to pc net, too basic?

Go through it and make easy work of it. Is it towards a college degree? If not, dump it. GO pick up an exam book on Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional and prepare for your first MCP test. As for your school, finish your degree in college, but think about certifications in the process. finishing with certs and the degree will give you your best shot at a good job opon graduation.

Be careful of 3rd-rate colleges and their degrees, too. Some teach Microsoft certs as you go, but the real degree is worthless sometimes...

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associate's worth it or not

by haveuhadurkandy2day In reply to already enrolled?

Well im currnetly attending going for my associate, but it stil feels as if i need more training, thats a option im really looking forward to.

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