PC not booting

By chrismsullivan ·
Hi all,

I'm at a bit of a loss as to what is happening to my pc.

It's a Celeron 2.4khz with 2 gig of Ram, a 120gig master drive, a 320 slave drive and a DVD player/burner as the secondary master, running XP SP2 with all latest updates.

It was running a little weird one day, so I did a cold boot, well attempted to as on reboot it just hung, the power LED was not on, but the HDD LED was stuck on and the monitor did not even boot to the BIOS.

I pulled the cover off and double checked everything was ok and then re-booted and re-booted without the primary slave and it was fine. I then shut down, and reconnected the primary slave and all was running well for about a week.

Upon powering up yesterday, it's happened all over again.

I initially thought it might have been bad RAM as I had recently installed new RAM, but I have tried 4 different RAM cards now, so I'm not convinced it's RAM.

I've checked and double checked that the jumpers are all se correctly on the 3 drives, but all seems fine.

The strangest thing it's doing is that it seems that there is no power going to the HDD's when the IDE cables are plugged in, but when the IDE cables are removed the HDD's power up OK.

Regardless of whether the HDD's power up or not, there is still nothing coming through the monitor - at leat if I could get to the BIOS I could start trouble shooting any system failures.

Anyone think that I might have a motherboard problem or a power supply problem?

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Power Supply

by TheChas In reply to PC not booting

Based on your symptoms, I would first suspect the power supply.

They often weaken with time and can just suddenly fail and mysteriously recover.


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Check the keyways

by mjd420nova In reply to PC not booting

Double check the keyways on the data cable for the hard drives. But I do suspect that the power supply is bad, or intermittent.

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Not the power supply

by chrismsullivan In reply to PC not booting

I was pretty sure that it wasn't a power supply problem, but just to check, I threw in a new supply that I had lying around. No difference.

Motherboard has power, cpu fan is running and HDD's power up as long as the IDE cables are not plugged in.

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Surely mainboard problem

by kayvan.vafadari In reply to PC not booting

i think your mainboard should be asus!

by the way, if you check all the devices and unplug them such as ram or grafic card and you don't hear any beep voice it totally mainboard problem. but unfortunatly on some of asus mainboard bios chip attached to board and can't be unplug and flash but if you had gigabyte mainboard you can do that by unplug and flash with flasher hardware or replace it!

i see this problem on 2 pces, for checking power supply on these system when it power on press reset key on case front panel and hold it and you can see cpu fan cyrcling faster!

it's permanent bios failur problem!

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