PC not getting DHCP address.

By Oralbee ·
Hi folks I am having trouble connecting my Win XP PC to internet over a wired/wireless router.

Now, I know the router is set up correctly as my laptop and iphone both get a DHCP address off it and connect fine

Also I know that the PC is basically capable of connecting to the internet as it works when cable connected direct to the modem, and using the ISP dial up software. It gets an IP address fine. IP config shows the IP address and and PPP is running.

However outside of this method the PC won't collect an IP address from the router.

This is what I have checked and ruled out.

+ It is not the wireless adapter in the PC as I have tried two different ones, both connect wirelessly to the router but don't get an IP address.
+ I have uninstalled the ISP software but this doesn't resolve the problem.
+I have switched off firewall software but no difference
+I have changed the name and workgroup of the PC but this made no difference
+I have run the winsock fix but this hasn't worked.
+I have tried to reset tcp using the netsh command

I think it must be something to do with the ISP installation stopping the PC getting a DHCP address except through it's own dial up but I am out of ideas. Anyone else got any? Cheers

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Congig Info

by willcomp In reply to PC not getting DHCP addre ...

Run ipconfig /all from a command prompt and see if DHCP is enabled and whether you are receiving an IP address.

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config info

by Oralbee In reply to Congig Info

Yes dhcp is enabled and when cabled direct to the modem it receives an IP address however wirelessly or wired to the router it doesn't recieve an IP address. As two other devices do recieve IP addresses it's clear that the router does not have any problems, it's something on the PC.

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did you disable the wired local area connection

by CG IT In reply to PC not getting DHCP addre ...

when you try to use the wireless local area connection?

I've seen problems on PCs with both wired and wireless NICs where the PC thinks it's supposed to use the wired NIC thus no IP address.

Also which utility are you using for your wireless NIC? Windows controlled or the wireless NIC mfg utility? Sometimes using the Windows controlled wireless utility doesn't work and if you use the wireless NIC mfg utility, it will work [provided that you disable the wired NIC. Windows sometimes doesn't like having 2 enabled network cards as it doesn't know which one to use.

This is where hardware profiles come in handy for laptops. One for wireless and one for wired so that during bootup and logon you can choose which profile to use for which connection you want to use.

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re: did you disable the wired local area connection

by Oralbee In reply to did you disable the wired ...

Yes, I've disabled the wired NIC, and tried connecting the wireless both with the windows utilitly and the software bundled with the wireless card and on both they connect wirelessly to the router but won't get an IP address. I'm thinking that I need to uninstall the dial up software and connection for the ISP and reinstall the windows components relating to internet and networking and see if that fixes it.

Thanks for the replies all.

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Did you set it to always use the LAN?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to re: did you disable the w ...

If you still have a dialup connection enabled, did you tell it to never use that connection (I.E. always use the LAN)?

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by NormH3 In reply to PC not getting DHCP addre ...

Not sure how to fix it but short of reloading the OS, you seem to have covered all the bases. A workaround may be to assign a ststic IP to the wireless adapter until you figure this out. Assuming that works, of course.

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Given up

by Oralbee In reply to Strange..

Nailed this in the end with a rebuild, which was kind of due anyway. Wasn't able to reinstall windows components due to xp needing the sp2 cab files to be merged with the original installation files and this was a whole load more hassle. Having reinstalled windows without the ISP the wireless card now connects to the router fine. Thanks for all your suggestions folks.

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