PC not starting after power on

By ishfady ·

I have a Pentium 4 pc with gigabyte mother board. It was working find till lastnight. This morning when I switch on. It doesn't start. When I pressed switch, cpu fan and case fan start for a second and go off. This keep repeating untill I power off. I have changed new graphic card and new power unit. But still same problem. I don't see any things on the screen.

Please can someone help.

Many thanks

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That really sounds like a M'Board Failure then

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to PC not starting after pow ...

What can happen with these is that a Power Spike or Surge come down the mains and get passed through tot he Internal Components.

This Degrades the Electronics and is a great reason why a High End Power Supply is necessary. They absorb the Power Spikes and Surges within Reason and do not pass them through tot he Internal Electronics.

However if you are using several Splitters inside the case for power plugs I would try removing them and seeing if that makes a difference. You can also unplug everything inside the case except the M'Board and see if that changes anything.

if it does plug in one item at a time and try again till it stops working. The device that you plugged in on the last occasion is the problem bit. Also with all P4 M'Boards do you have the Supplementary 12 Volt Power Plug on the M'Board?

If not that can be a reason why you get no Video as it supplies power tot he Video Card.


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Its your BIOS settings

by toy_soldier40 In reply to PC not starting after pow ...

check your bios settings

What to do after a power failure.

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