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By dk_ramesh ·
I am having a branded pc.I am facing a peculier problem for the last one month.When ever I try to switch on my PC, it never switches on always.
I have to keep on trying randomly,but it switches on on its will and wish.Once it switches on it doesnt pose any problem.Even technician could not find any fault in it.All the parts are fine.Even there is no problem with power and power supply.

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by gbrownlee In reply to PC NOT SWITCHING ON

Did the techs try replacing the switch?

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What brand ?

Some have soft switches, soft touch and fires up - hard touch and it double cycles the power telling the PC to shutdown.

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by G.Brown In reply to PC NOT SWITCHING ON

I have seen this a few times.

The next time it does not power on, turn the machine off at the mains and hold the power switch down for a few seconds. Plug back into the mains and then see if it powers on OK.

If you are quite sure that it is not a hibernation/standy problem and believe it is a hardware fault the 3 things I have seen cause it so far are:

1. The most common is the Power Supply ... if that previous trick worked then this is the most likely.

2. The motherboard ... not as likely as the PSU .. but the only way to really test is to use a different PSU ... if that does not fix it then it could be the MB.

3. The actual power switch (if there's a bad connection when depressing it) ... you can test this by either using a new switch .. or manually bridging the MB jumper for the power switch ... although I wouldn't reccomend that unless you know what youre doing!!

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by CompZone9 In reply to PC NOT SWITCHING ON

Start with the basics. What kind of PSU/mobo is it, AT or ATX? AT and ATX supplies operate completely differently. The older AT uses a "make contact" switch that has to stay ON for the PC to be on. An ATX uses a momentary switch to turn on. THis means if you replace the PSU in an ATX system and have a bad power switch on front, it could still tell the system to turn off right after turning on if it momentarily made contact again. If you replace the switch and ATX PSU and still has problems, it could be mobo. Replacing the PSU in an AT system replaces the switch since there is a cable wired directly to the switch on AT supplies.

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pc not switching on

by durgasatish.spl In reply to PC NOT SWITCHING ON

hi ramesh.. iam satish. once take the from the pc cleaned the gold color pins & again keep it.
update the antivirus. afterwards also if u face the same problem then go for the repair option and repair the system files. before that u take the backup of your data which is in c:/drive. ok thankyou

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