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PC not working - HELP

By bgunn ·
OK, PC w/ Win98SE platform/AMD Athlon processor - initially was having slight networking issues. Swapped out NIC card, hooked back up and NOW no monitor action and a series of beeps that I can't tell what they are for.
Tried different monitor, monitor card, another HDD - no luck.
Anybody have a clue here?
My worst thought is the motherboard is shot.

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by mzy In reply to PC not working - HELP

A series of beeps mean something wrong with memory or video card, or whole motherboard not working. Short beeps usually mean memory problems, long beeps usually mean video card problems. If you replace the part that has problems and it persists, likely to be motherboard already.

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by decoyboat In reply to PC not working - HELP

Presupposing you already tried putting the old NIC back in....

No video with a beep code sounds like memory to me. Just a guess.

I would check to make sure it is properly seated first.

You can also look up the beep code you are getting on google to verify what the issue is. (can be a bit tricky to decifer them sometimes though)

If the memory is seated right, but the beep code still says the memory is the issue. Call the manufacture of the memory first before you run out and buy more. Some of them have a lifetime warrantee. Save some $ for an OS upgrade ;-)

Never know- it could also be the board or CPU. Hopefully not though.

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by sk8erlandry In reply to PC not working - HELP

Can You Tell me how many beeps there are and what type of pc u have? because i had the same prob. and it turned out that one of my cards wasnt in all the way.

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