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    PC not working!


    by rocinta976 ·

    Just purchased a fairly used PC and tried booting after coupling all components. The lights came up on the system unit and monitor but the monitor screen remained blank and the keyboard is not powered. the mouse and speakers are powered.There is no POST sound at all.

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      by rocinta976 ·

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      Reset the BIOS

      by rkuhn040172 ·

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      Assuming it has an on-board video card, I’d bet the on-board video is disabled. Maybe the previous owner had installed a better video card and ripped it out before selling it to you.

      Also, if the PC uses a PS/2 keyboard, try a USB keyboard. Could be the PS/2 port is bad.

      Could try another another monitor as well just for process of eliminition…confirm the monitor is still good.

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