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PC only boots after shut down few times

By kerving2 ·
I need some help with my pc. It will only stay on after I completely disconnect it from the power outlet at least 3 times. First it will go through post, 2nd time it will get as far as the windows screen, and the it will go to the deskop, most of the time after the third time of shutting it down it will boot up fine all the way. I have try leaving it at the BIOS setting however it keeps shutting down. I believe its the power supply althought it a weird behavior that it will work fine after the third shut down. I have a ASUS P4R800-VM, 4x256MB PC2600, 2.4Ghz P4, 400w ATX power supply Kingwin case. Thanks for your attention.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to PC only boots after shut ...

Open your case and have a good look at the electrolytics on the mobo.
If any of them have a bulgr on their top, then they are toast, and your mobo with them.
They can be replaced but the chances of permanently damaging your mobo is pretty high, though at this point you don't have much to lose.

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by DouglasB In reply to PC only boots after shut ...

Sounds like your board might use the 12 volt connector needed on some P4 motherboards. Check if this is attached, loose, or damaged. Sounds like you are not getting enough power to boot. I have had this happen on P4 systems with 12v connector not attached. Sometimes it will boot, sometimes not.

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by mahembeuk In reply to PC only boots after shut ...

It sounds as though your problem could be caused by power point being faulty trying drawing power from a different source. If this fails try using a different power supply because this fault can also be caused by a component in the power supply which is failing and works only after heating up.

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by kewlice33 In reply to PC only boots after shut ...

Strip the computer down to the mobo, processor, one stick of memory and the power supply. If it still shuts down, at least you only have 4 components to isolate. If it didn't shut down, you can put back the other components one at a time and see which is causing the problem. It's just a process of elimination which is sometimes difficult and tricky to assess

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by Hazzard_005 In reply to PC only boots after shut ...

I found this when I was troubleshooting a Capacitor problem with a machine of mine. Found at ""

In a way, a capacitor is a little like a battery. Although they work in completely different ways, capacitors and batteries both store electrical energy. If you have read How Batteries Work, then you know that a battery has two terminals. Inside the battery, chemical reactions produce electrons on one terminal and absorb electrons at the other terminal.
A capacitor is a much simpler device, and it cannot produce new electrons -- it only stores them. In this edition of HowStuffWorks, you'll learn exactly what a capacitor is and how it's used in electronics.
Capacitors can also eliminate ripples. If a line carrying DC voltage has ripples or spikes in it, a big capacitor can even out the voltage by absorbing the peaks and filling in the valleys.

This may show that the problem is with the Capacitors on the motherboard. You may be able to test this by hooking it up to a UPS or something to regulate the power comming into the machine. Also in theory your problem may be that it takes a few attempts for the capacitors on the board to have enough charge to fire the macine up correctly.

Pretty neat huh. Hope this helps.

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