PC only turns on after resetting CMOS

By rjhaveri ·
I am working on a Dell Optiplex GX270 (ATX). The 5V light on the MB was blinking and of course, the PC wouldn't turn on. I replaced the P/S and the issue seemed solved - now the 5V light is on steady but the PC has an issue turning on.

The only way to turn the PC on is by unpluging the P/S from the wall, taking the CMOS battery off the MB, putting it back and plugging P/S back on the wall. At this point, the PC automatically comes on and I proceed to setting the Date/Time on the CMOS.

After shutting down windows, the PC will not turn on unless I restart the process above.
Unless I take out and put back the CMOS battery, the PC will not start up.

BTW, the battery is fully charged.
Any ideas?

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Sounds as if the M'Board

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to PC only turns on after re ...

Is faulty and taking out the ability to boot unless it thinks that it's a new install or first time power up.

If the unit is still Under guarantee return it for repair and if it isn't you will be looking at a replacement M'Board.

But just in case try Flashing the BIOS before doing anything else to the latest available.


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Dell answer

by tfordii In reply to PC only turns on after re ...

For Dells and certain other models (Compaqs)if you remove the power (to include the battery) for several minutes (sometimes thirty or more, til the capacitors finally dissipate)you can get a dead PC to boot. When you turn on the machine enter the BIOS and turn the locks on (shift, caps, num and scroll) then simultaneously hit ctrl-alt e and f (Dells will clear the BIOS with a beep). If you don't believe it do a Google search on Dell+dimension+bios+soft+clear it comes up in the dell forums from a technician to a user.

Now if someone would just post the rest of the codes to soft clear the BIOS for all other manufactures, I need the IBM ThinkPad one.

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