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PC or Mac?

By gnb18 ·
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This is the biggest question raised all the time what are people's personal opinions on this big debate?

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I always recommend PC unless they already want a Mac

by Slayer_ In reply to PC or Mac?

Then, I tell them to buy a Mac. Usually by this point the user already thinks Macs are invincible and don't want support anyways.
If they are unsure, I ask them how much they want to spend, what applications they want to run, and how long they want the computer to last.

Most of the time, I recommend a PC because usually the people that ask me are bargain hunters.
However, if they already have other "i" devices I usually recommend Mac.

If they plan to just to play facebook games and such, I usually recommend Mint and a cheap PC.

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More than just for games

by gnb18 In reply to I always recommend PC unl ...

I would like to invest in a computer that is going to last me along time. I don't mind making a big investment as long as the computer will last a fair amount of years. The computer I want needs to be able to run a fair amount of programs as well. The computer would be used for coding, movie making, photo altering, design work and basically as many things as i can use it for.

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Do you know which programs you intend to use?

by Slayer_ In reply to More than just for games

And whether or not they are platform specific?

Remember, you can't legally install OSX on a PC. But you can install Windows on Apple hardware. So if you require dual booting, I would recommend buying a Mac.

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Not sure yet......

by gnb18 In reply to Do you know which program ...

I had heard of bootcamp that can be run on mac's, but i wasn't sure if it was just for desktops or if you could put it on the mac laptops too. I have also been researching weather to get a macbook pro or a macbook air? That is if I decide to go with mac. I thought about alien ware for pc, but some people say those aren't as good.

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I wouldn't get the Air

by Slayer_ In reply to Not sure yet......

The air isn't a long performing machine.

Personally, I always Frankenstein my computers. Though my G74sx is freaken awesome laptop.

My desktop is dated by todays standards, but still manages to play todays modern games with good framerates. Its an AMD 4800 that OC's itself to about 5200. A Geforce 9600 GT. 3 GB of Ram single channel (duel channel refuses to work right ) XP 32 bit. Sound Blaster live 24bit. And 2 IDE hard drives, a 120gig as primary, dates 2003, and a 320 gig as secondary, dated 2005. I also have 2 IDE CD/DVD drives, one of them is a burner. I have a cheap 5 dollar RAID controller that I use for IDE expansion

The only game I have right now that causes the machine to cripple under the pressure is X3 and those Terran stations. (And SETA ruins frame rate)
I built this desktop for 400 dollars. I cant remember when, but it was a relatively long time ago. I think it was 2007...

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I'm with Slayer_

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Not sure yet......

Don't make a hardware / operating system decision until you decide what applications you are going to run. Pick the platform that natively supports all or most of your desired apps.

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Well if this is any help

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to PC or Mac?

A few weeks ago a client who loves i Products needed a new NB after his 5 year old MSI died finally.

I quoted him $1400.00 + Software for a PC i7 with 8 GIG of RAM and $2800.00 AU + Software for a Mac.

He chose the PC. and even though it has Windows 7 on it he loves it.


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Win7 works pretty well

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Well if this is any help

I have this special nack for breaking things, I call it my Chaos Aura, but Win7 doesn't fall over very easily, so it's probably not going to cause any big headaches for normal users.
If MS had gone straight from XP to Win7, they'd have gotten rid of all the bad rep they got from the WinME fiasco.
But they just had to push out another gimp OS in between

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They have to make money...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Win7 works pretty well

They have to make money to continue building their coffers

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Well in this case

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Win7 works pretty well

This place had a slight disagreement with a M$ Rep that I sent there over Vista.

Something about sicking the dog onto the guy from M$ and I was told that if I ever brought anything relating to Vista there I was in for a world of Hurt.

Things got so bad that I had to remove any Vista/7 Ready stickers from any new hardware.

And he has found one or two issues. Things like opening Thumbnails of Camera Pictures and then you can not copy and Paste to the NB. I can understand him as the native way of showing the Camera/Memory Card Files is a Thumbnail JPG with a File Name which in this case is a number and no actual picture of what is actually there. When you have to move pictures to several different folders it's nice to be able to see what they are.

That's the big one he has a few others but they are really minor.


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