PC overheating?

By elementindustrial ·

I've been aware for sometime now that my cpu runs warmer than I like it to. I was told from a PC tech that AMD64 chip sets run warmer than Pent. 4's do.

My Specs:
-2gig ram 3200speed
-AMD 64 3400+ 2.4ghz
-400watt power supply
-200gb hard drive
-ATI x1300 512mb PCI card (has it own heat sink and fan)
-2 fans. CPU fan and System fan
-Mother board sound (built in).
-DVD Rom RW drive 48x
-Windows XP home ed.

I've been keeping log of my cpu temps and for the past 5 months average bios idle speed is around 47-52c. Even when I play online games after a 2hr. period I rarely see it hit above 52c. I have owned this system since 2005. I have the bios running at it?s defaults and nothing is over clocked in the system.

Lately, my AMD 64 3400+ 2.4ghz has been running really warm. Its been at 59C on bios idle. The rpm of the fans have been constant and haven't changed in rpm since I started a log of my pc temps. The CPU fan speed is 3174rpm and the System fan is 1680rpm. I know the weather has been in the upper 80's and they humidity is horrible. Could this have a impact on my PC temps? I don't have AC in my apartment either. The pc is elevated off the ground and the PC Tower receives proper ventilation as well. When the PC is not in use, the tower and monitor gets shut off and a plastic tarp is put over the PC and monitor it to help it keep it clean.

I keep the inside of the PC clean (heat sinks, mother board, chip heat sink, etc.) and **** out the fans and PC insides with compressed air every 3-5 months. I also take out the ATI card and clean it's heat sink and fan along with each inside cleaning. I just recently cleaned the insides about 2 weeks ago.

It is normal for my AMD 64 3400+ 2.4ghz to run this warm? Or am I just being a worry wart over nothing?

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Not too Concerned

by TheChas In reply to PC overheating?

Yes, the ambient temperature will impact how hot your CPU runs. Warm air does not remove as much heat as cold air does.

The temperatures you are seeing are not excessive. I would not start to worry unless the temps started getting near 65C.

For your situation, the best option may be a more efficient (powerful) CPU fan. Try one with a copper heatsink and a high air flow fan.

If the temperature stays high when the weather cools off, it might be an indication that the voltage regulator for the CPU core voltage is running at a higher than normal voltage.

Does your case fan **** air in or out? If the case fan exhausts air, it might help to switch it around. As your power supply fan does exhaust.


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PC fans

by elementindustrial In reply to Not too Concerned

The system blows out heat from the fans and sucks in cool air from the side vents of PC tower.

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Could Starve the CPU Fan

by TheChas In reply to PC fans

If all of your fans exhaust, the CPU fan may not be getting as much cool air as it needs to keep the CPU cool.

I would give serious consideration to adding a front case fan that blows air into the case.

I use a case fan that has a temperature sensor and runs faster when the system is hot and slows down when it is cool.


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heat sink, air flow, location

by jdclyde In reply to PC overheating?

First look at a better heat sink for the system. http://www.coolerguys.com has some cool toys.

Consider mod'ing your case to put a fan in the side, right above the CPU, to pull that heat straight out of the case. Many of the newer cases already come with this, with a cone that drops around the CPU to direct the air flow.

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Heat sink compound

by mjd420nova In reply to PC overheating?

As many units get older the heat sink compound that goes between the processor chip and the heat sink itself loses some of its ability to transfer the heat from the chip to the heat sink. You can get a small tube of this compound from Radio Shack. Sometimes called "thermal grease", you can unmount the heat sink, clean off the old stuff and apply a small amount of the new stuff to the top of the processor chip. One clue that the old stuff has lost its ability is if the old stuff has become crusty and hard.

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For what it's worth...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to PC overheating?

My original solution to excessive heat was to replace the case fans with more efficient ones and added a few. A side or top fan wasn't practical based on where the tower sits.

Two front fans pulling cool air in.
Two new rear fans pulling air out.
A large Thermaltake CPU fan.
Standard Power Supply fan and video card fan.

The system ran at a quiet 52?C average.

I then added a Ultra brand 5.25˝ Bay Freezer that fits in a empty drive bay. It's not what I would call extremely quiet but it does the job (two efficient little exhaust fans).
With that in place, I reversed the direction of the rear fans.
Now the system runs at 43?C (110?F) average.
That's with four SATA HDDs.
...still runnin' that way after 2 years.

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