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PC performance degrades at specefic time

By PaLoBo ·
Hi all,

I have a PC that after 6pm slows down to an almost complete halt and eventually freezes. Before it freezes though, Ihave managed to change the system time to before 6pm all goes back to normal.

Has this happened to anybody before. Anybody have any sugestions. This one is driving me crazy. have already checked for viruses and spyware and nothing.

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by ctrservices In reply to PC performance degrades a ...

Sounds like some process is taking over. Just before 6pm, open Windows Task Manager and print a copy of your running processes (maximize window?Ctrl+Print Screen key?paste in your favorite word processor?print) and then compare with the after 6pm (slowdown) processes to see which is the culprit.

Re: spyware. Did you scan at system startup? Some of these nasties run in memory or can hide their files in Normal (and sometimes Safe) mode. Lastly, try RootkitRevealer

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by PaLoBo In reply to PC performance degrades a ...

Thanks, I will definitely look into all those sugestions. I will post back as soon as possible with any new findings.

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by indijay In reply to PC performance degrades a ...

Although pevious reposnse is perfect, you could also check if
you have something scheduled at that time (if process name
from task manager sounds unfamilier!!) and may be this
scheduled process eats up lot of system resources.

This could also be spyware sitting in there. Use Ad-aware SE or
Spybot and clean up system. If I remember correctly, Ad-aware
SE has this option of checking system at start up!!

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by NZ_Justice In reply to PC performance degrades a ...

If you have a bnoratn virus scanner it could be the live update running at that time. If system restor is on it could also be doing something at that time. Windows update culd also be running at that time. download ysinternals Proccess Explorer, it's heaps better that Task Manager.

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