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pc pestilence

By gbrownlee ·
I have picked up a piece of junk. I use updated versions of AVG, Ad-aware and Spybot.

The symptoms are:

Soon after connecting to the internet, I lose my connection and am unable to reconnect until I close all windows and use Spybot to remove DSO exploits.

Also, an icon for a casino appears on my desktop.

The only clue I have left is a reference to an application called gopher. Does anyone know what gopher is, and should it be in my registry?

Thankyou for your time!

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by dmiles In reply to pc pestilence

The Internet Gopher protocol and software follow a client-server
model. This protocol assumes a reliable data stream; TCP is assumed.
Gopher servers should listen on port 70 (port 70 is assigned to
Internet Gopher by IANA). Documents reside on many autonomous
servers on the Internet. Users run client software on their desktop
systems, connecting to a server and sending the server a selector (a
line of text, which may be empty) via a TCP connection at a well-
known port. The server responds with a block of text terminated by a
period on a line by itself and closes the connection. No state is
retained by the server.

It seems as though your system has been hijacked,use AD-aware or hijacker utility to get rid of the pop-ups

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Thanks for the advice!

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by gbrownlee In reply to pc pestilence

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