PC powering on for 1 sec and then switches off

By sammyhunk ·

I have been facing this issue for about a week now, and still trying to find a solution! Here's what happened:


Installed a nVIDIA 9600 GT onto my D101GGC motherboard

Initially my PC was connected to a UPS - UPS used to BEEP loudly and shut off after a min whenever I tried to play WiC or Supreme Commander

Vexed as I was, I connected my PC directly to the MAINS (Stupid, Stupid!)

Happily played for 3-4 days (It's a great value card for the money), until one fine day (2 AM in the monrning, actually) the lights went out (literally)!

Cracked open the case, and saw that the PSU had blown a fuse. Replaced it with a new PSU

Present Day - on touching the soft-touch POWER switch, the fans (CPU/PSU) rotate for 1 sec and then stops. When the PC is connected to the MAINS, the GREEN LED on the motherboard glows, showing that the Motherboard is receivng power.

Disconnected all peripherals (GPU, Disk Drives, DVD ROM) and tried -no change

Connected a POST diagnostic PCI card to see if I can figure out whether the issue is with the CPU or motherboard - no change

I am really trying to diagnose the problem to figure out if my motherboard or CPU (or both ) has conked out, so that I can replace one or the other. Any insights/advice/help is greatly appreciated!

My PC Config: P4 3.06 GHz, 2 GB DDR RAM, D101GGC Motherboard, NVIDIA 9600GT graphics card


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I'm puzzled by the initial UPS shutdowns ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to PC powering on for 1 sec ...

Although I can't think of any reason why a game would cause a UPS to shutdown - this still appears to be an indication something wasn't correct long before the power cut.

Which UPS do you/did you have?

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Well at a guess

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to PC powering on for 1 sec ...

Did the Video Card have it's own Power Connector and did you plug a Power Lead into it?

The obvious thing is that the Video Card drew too much power through the M'Board and resulted in melted Tracks on the M'Board because the person who fitted the Video card didn't provide enough power tot he Video Card and requited the M'Board to try to supply it.


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