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PC powers itself off

By hr ·
I have a customer who has an E machine model etower 400I3: Every few days the system powers itself off. The only way to turn it on back is to physically unplug the system and plug it back and push the power switch on. My guess is that there has to be something wrong with the power supply. Any idea!!!

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by CG IT In reply to PC powers itself off

your right, replace the power suppy. sooner or later you'll have to unplug HDDs just to get the thing to just turn on.

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by Black Panther In reply to PC powers itself off


Power Supply

CPU Fan/Fans are working??

Incoming Power ( Spikes/Fluctuations?? )

Event log in Windows

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by dmiles In reply to PC powers itself off

But could be your PSU, memory or graphics card.

Update your drivers.

Have a look at how ur computer deals with Major Errors as well by:

Control Panel -> System -> Startup and Recovery -> System Failure : Post which of those are ticked.

Do a RAM check.

And as you said if those things all check out, then it could be your CPU overheating

The system may have a overheating monitor that will cut the machine off once it reaches a certain point

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by Black Panther In reply to PC powers itself off


Power Supply

CPU Fan/Fans

Loose Cards

Incoming Power Supply ( ie attached equipment if any UPS, power boards etc )

Power Options

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by Lizzy In reply to PC powers itself off

The power supply obviously works because the system turns on. This is clearly the system overheating, thus having to go through all sorts of stuff to get it to start up again (while it cools itself down). Open the case, **** out all dust that may be clogging the airways and make sure all fans run properly and if not, replace them.

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by snke In reply to PC powers itself off

I just experienced something similar on one of my home systems. The system kept cutting off sooner every day with no messages in event viewer or any where else. Virus was updated as well as XP updates. Finally it would not boot past the bios! Tried another power supply, removing boards etc... It turns out it was the CPU overheating due to dust trapped in the heat sinks fins. The fans draws the dust down into the heat sink and the dust has no where to go, the dust is trapped against the motherboard & CPU! Blew the "CPU heat sink" assembly out and no issues since! Hope this helps.

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by hatman In reply to PC powers itself off

I do warranty work on emachines and the problem has been seen in others but the fix might be hard to pin down. First the problem sounds like the fan for the power supply and or the cpu fan is not consistance in rpm's. This will automatically shut the machine down to prevent more damage. If you have another power supply with the same wattage replace it for a week and see if this prevents the problem from reoccuring if not then the problem is with either the rpm's setting in the bios for the cpu or failure of the cpu fan, which might only run for short times before failing. You could also try to replace the cpu fan to see if this remedies the problem.

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by micasey1 In reply to

I have a similar problem with an emachine. I had a new karger fan put in and still have the same problem. Are you saying to try a new power cord also?

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