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PC powers off after powering on

By dlivernois ·

I have a Gateway PC I am working on and the problem is when you press the power button you hear the PC start up. Then after about 3 seconds it powers completely off. I have replaced the power supply with a new one, removed the cards one by one including memory and testing after each one was removed. Still the same thing. I have also used different powers cords and outlets as well. Anyone help will be greatly appreciated!!!!! Thanks,


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by jschein In reply to PC powers off after power ...

power off and power on problem...

1st thing is, 1 - u already replaced p.s. gj..

2. Reseat all cards (nic, video, sound, modem, etc) Try again.

3. Try with minimal cards (only video) Try again.

4. Reseat memory.

5. Remove processor, inspect processor for burns / heat. Reseat, test. If possible, replace with a spare processor.

Doing the above steps will tell you what the cause is. If you do have a spare processor in the end.... and nothing has worked, more than likely, the mobo is gone. Hopefully your system is still under warranty. If not, it would be cheaper to goto and buy a new mobo - 50-75 usd, and processor - 50-100 usd.

Good luck

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by Lizzy In reply to PC powers off after power ...

XP reboots by default when a critical error occurs. After you put your pc back together, boot into safe mode by pressing F5 before XP loads. Then follow this tip from TR:
Quite a few shutdown problems are related to software and hardware incompatibility. If your computer restarts instead of shutting down, it could be the result of a fatal error. By default, Windows XP reboots when these errors occur. Here's how to prevent automatic rebooting:
1. Right-click the My Computer icon.
2. Select Properties.
3. Click the Advanced tab.
4. In the Startup And Recovery section, select Settings.
5. Clear the Automatically Restart check box.
Now, to solve the shutdown problem, the first thing you should do is think about everything you've done to your computer since it last functioned properly. For example, you may have installed an application or a driver."
Roxio CD burner was listed as a common culprit. What you will have to do is trouble shoot what is loading at boot, not your hardware.
Hope this helps.

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by w2ktechman In reply to PC powers off after power ...

If it will not boot into the os (3 seconds) and the power supply was replaced, the cards memory, and proccessor were reseated and inspected, The next step is to replace the system board. Another thing (unlikely) I have seen in the past was a the power switch caused a similar problem. Try removing the power switch and install a new one (if one is not available, you can pick up a cheap test one at radio shack, frys, etc.).

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by donmars In reply to PC powers off after power ...

Remove the cards not one by one but in one shot, turn on and check. Then replace them one by one. Does the power supply stay on (fan inside supply spining)when everything is removed? including CPU? go from there. It is my guess you have a motherboard problem. Also do not forget to remove the hard drive and floppy cables also. just unplug the power and cable to them. If the power supply stops with just the motherboard connected... well there you have it, bad Motherboard.

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by csmith In reply to PC powers off after power ...

I have seen three causes.
Corrupt BIOS engaged power management during boot.
Bad power switch
Pinched wire to power switch.
Bad motherboards usually lock up during the boot, or you get warning beeps with no video.
I have heard rumors of a virus that causes this.
(Most BIOS viruses give the "No Video" beep code, or an inane warning.)
Try a boot with no Hard Drive, and no Floppy.
Can it then get to the "no OS" warning?
Regards, Chris

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by LoungeLizzard In reply to PC powers off after power ...

This may work for you, I have done this with Laptops when they do not power up. disconnect all power from the system including removing the CMOS battery ( this will reset the CMOS ) and hold the power switch in the on position for 20-30 seconds and let go ( removes any power held in the capacitors). Reconnect the CMOS battery and all power cables and reboot. enter the BIOS and reload the settings from scratch and see what happens. Its harmless and not expensive and well worth the try ... works on laptops !

If the above does not work Check the capacitors on the MB for colors and swelling(some MB have RMA's for bad capacitors - we had 85 IBM P4's with bad MB boards replaced free). Replace MB if capacitors have (red,Blue Yellow or green colorings on the tops)

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by zrtdon In reply to PC powers off after power ...

I have found numerous Gateway towers to have bad or faulty start up buttons.I would check it first to see if it is sticking.

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by cals In reply to PC powers off after power ...

I have recently fixed two Gateway PCs with the same problem. In my case, i removed the front panel (theye were desktops) and found that the switch was sticking in the wee hole that the plastic switch thingy goes thru. A little manipualtion, and a little spray of silicon (ummm not the glue lol) fixed it and stopped it recurrin. Make sure the front panel is properly reseated.

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