PC powers off, then back on by itself.

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help with a problem that started off occurring once every few weeks, but now happens with increasing frequency - usually 1 or 2 times out of every 3 where I go to use it.

After having turned my PC on and logged in, after anything from 5 minutes of having loaded up, it will suddenly stop working completely, as if the plug has been pulled out, but then power itself back on after a few seconds.

On one occasion, it happened twice within a few minutes, but usually just happens once and then is fine until the next time it load it up.

I tried changing the quick shutdown/ load up settings, as I had seen someone people had a similar issue caused by these settings. The problem persisted after these settings were changed.

I have had the PC for around 17 months, and have made no modifications to it.

I am using Windows 8.1 and have a Zoostorm PC.

If there is any further info I can provide that may help, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can provide.

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PC powers off, then back on by itself

by bcharj In reply to PC powers off, then back ...

Could be a few things such as: 1. a failing or under capacity power supply. 2. overheating issue - use a can of air to clean the heat sinks and inside of the case. 3. CPU is overheating / thermal compound is not working. 4. CPU cooling fan is or has failed - replace.

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Check your hardware conf-n

by brandonsharks In reply to PC powers off, then back ...

IT must be you have conflict with soft and hard ware.

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Disable your energy

by ericschweizer In reply to PC powers off, then back ...

Check your setting in bios.

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