PC Powers On then Off from Mains Switch Before Pressing Power On/Off Button

By s.taylor007 ·
I have recently built a new PC and everything works fine except for this one issue. When I switch the plug on at the mains - before I get chance to switch the PC on at the On/Off button on the case/chassis, it has already started to power up. The screen stays blank (black)- so doesn't go through the proper POST because it stays on for a few seconds and then powers off completely. Then when you actually turn it on (for the first time by yourself) at the On/Off Button on the case, it powers up exactly as it should - no problems.

I don't believe the CPU is overheating or the fan speed is not fast enough - as when it powers up properly my Asus AI Booster tells me the temperature is fine.

I don't know whether it is likely to be a premature OK_signal on the PSU or whether it is more likely to be a standby/hibernation issue with the settings.

Has anyone else had this problem or shed some light on what might be wrong?


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Power Management Settings

by TheChas In reply to PC Powers On then Off fro ...

Check your power management settings in BIOS setup.

Make sure that the setting for after power is restored is set to always off. While you are there, disable all of the "wake-on" options.

If that does not take care of things, see what happens if you unplug the power switch leads from the motherboard.

If disconnecting the power switch fixes things, you just need a new switch.

If it still powers up, I would either live with it, or try another power supply.


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DH Remote Issue

by s.taylor007 In reply to Power Management Settings

Cheers for guidance. I had already tried the things you mention and they did not fix the issue. Then I remembered that it might have something to do with the DH Remote for the P5W DH Deluxe mobo. The default value for this is set to hibernate. I used this once but then unplugged the IR device and did not use it. I can only think that it remembered the settings and applied them ever since. I opened the DH Remote settings, changed from hibernate to power off for the power button operation and used the remote to switch the power off. Then on plugging the main back in the next time round it did not think it was in hibernation state. Problem solved.


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Take the motherboard back

by Jesus_C In reply to PC Powers On then Off fro ...

Had this problem and its a blown circuit

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