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PC powers up, then shuts down ~1 sec later. Cycle repeats.

By mil0oz ·
Hi all,

Have an issue with my PC. When I press the power button, the machine whirs into life for just short of a second. Then dies. After a ~2 sec delay the process will repeat. This will continue until the PSU is switched off or the main supply removed.

I have removed all connections in an effort to identify where the issue is arising (HDD/GPU/RAM/Floppy etc.). With just the mobo and PSU, when pressed the power will remain on.

However, the moment I connect the CPU power supplies (from the PSU) to the board the aforementioned problem arises.

System stats are as follows:
Intel E6400 2.13GHz
Gigabyte DDR2 Mobo
9800 GTX GPU
850w PSU

Thanks in advance for any help,


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Ram, CPU cooling fan

by david.lavie In reply to PC powers up, then shuts ...

Can you get the computer to power up with the minimum RAM, Video card?

A bad stick of RAM could be the problem, a bad CPU fan causing the CPU to overheat.

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when pressed the power will remain on. ??

by Oz_Media In reply to PC powers up, then shuts ...

Fro n what I can read in your description, it seems your system isn't posting with the CPU in place?

Have you tried swapping out the CPU with one from another PC?

secondly, you should try posting in the correct forum, post to ASK A QUESTION instead of START A DISCUSSION, people there will spend all day working through a problem with you.

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by mil0oz In reply to when pressed the power wi ...

Sorry my bad. Quite a confusing layout to the forums I'm used to. Bad reaction to change!! =)

Basically as soon as I plug in the CPU power lead the problem arises. If I leave them unplugged the system will run (but obviously without a CPU, it does nothing). For what it is worth, the CPU PSU lead is two 4-pin connectors marked CPU 1 & CPU 2 respectively.

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