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Hello.I have problem with my pc.When i play a game it's stutter and having low FPS( if normal FPS is 80 its dropping to 40-50).
I notice that when the problem happen GPU usage drops,also core clock,power consumption and voltage.All temps are normal.I reinstall windows several time,also driver whit DDU and tried every posible fix that is on internet and noting.My pc is 9 monts old and since i got it every passing day gets wors and wors.I dont know what to do enymore.Please HELP.
My specks:
Windows 10 1903
Intel i5 10400f
Motherboad Gigabyte b460
RAM T-FORCE 3200mhz cl16
520SSD for OC and 1TB SSD for Games
PSU Koling Modular 650W 80+bronce.
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Odd that it's getting worse.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Pc Problem

A few thoughts.

1. Be sure the RAM is dual channel and try the usual XMP on, off and research other memory timings.
2. FPS DOES DROP while gaming. This is something that can be hard for many to accept. There are so many articles about how and why that I will keep it short as in, expected as the scene changes (i.e. more complex)
3. I like this card. https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-RTX-2060-vs-AMD-RX-5600-XT/4034vs4062 tells us it's a good fit for 1080p gaming. The reason I mention this is that I run into folk with 1440p and 4K monitors with this class card and they complain to no end.
4. If you feel it's a product defect, all PCs I see have a 1 year warranty so be sure to use that.

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