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PC purchase plan for employees

By tlsmalley ·
Our company would like to offer a PC purchase plan for our employees, along the lines of interest-free loans for buying PCs for home use (payments made via payroll deduction). I would appreciate hearing how other companies have implemented such a program, and any gotcha's that we should watch out for.

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PC Purchase plan

by JamesRL In reply to PC purchase plan for empl ...

I haven't been involved in one but have heard of them.

First of all contact your hardware vendors. Some of them have financing/leasing plans which could make this much less painful for the company offering the package.

Second clarify whether your IT staff will proivide any level of support to these home PCs. Make sure its well understood by the purchasers what level of support, if any, they can get. Understand that once the computer goes home, it will soon have games, shareware and other things changing the configuration and will become unsupportable at least by phone.

Third, look at your software licensing agreements to see whether they cover home use. If they do, you can save the employees and yourself a lot of grief by creatingan image of a properly setup PC with the standard software and having it pre-installed by the vendor - we pay about $20 US for this service for our internal PCs and it saves alot of aggrevation.

Finally, figure out what the policy will be for employees who leave the company before the PC is paid off.

Good luck.

James Linn

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Employee Purchase Plans

by Shanghai Sam In reply to PC purchase plan for empl ...

There are multiple ways to offer an EPP.
I am working on a plan for a large firm (although my company is not as large as distributors) and hopefully I will be able to offer to other companies also.

Here are some points for your consideration:

1) You make a deal with a supplier and they offer PCs to your employees. The company pays for them up front and you get paid back by the employeee through payroll.
This is good if you are a big company with cash to write off... This is a benefitto the employee...

2) You make a deal with a supplier for preferred pricing and the user accepts the suppliers plan for 12-24-36 month payments.
This is for companies who do not wish to put up the monies and this is not a taxable benefit to the employee.

3) Offer multiple venfors (one big one as Dell) and a smaller one for those who do not want variety.

4) Set the price that you will be able to cover for the EPP. 2000 - 3000 $ seem a good choice.

5) Support is an issue that youremployees will expect.

6) Try to integrate an on site service. Employees are picky...

7) Make the employees sign a promissory note that they will pay and that youare allowed to deduct the monies from their last salary or make arrangements at that time.

Hope this helps...

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