PC Reboots at different times

By grnandrw ·
My PC reboots at different times especially when playing different games or viewing youtube or playing movies. I get a blue screen in most cases and I get different stop errors and I follow these up but can not find the cause of these reboots. I have checked my ram with a memtester and checked for Viruses and adware. No luck.

Any ideas?



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Well it could still be the RAM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to PC Reboots at different t ...

If you have different Brand RAM Sticks fitted there could be a timing issue involved. This happens when you use different RAM from Different Makers or even from different Manufacturing Batches and it will not show up on MEM Test.

If you have more that 1 stick of RAM Fitted reduce the Hardware to 1 Stick of RAM and test it. You can also try running the computer on Known Problem Applications and see if it reboots.

If it does try using the Ultimate Boot CD and testing other hardware like the CPU nd so on it's available for download from here

Post back with what happens and we'll see what we can do from there


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Thanks and I will try

by grnandrw In reply to Well it could still be th ...

I went ahead and switched out the ram to different slots and changed the slot for the video card and install another NIC card just to see if it is the slots on the MB. I will let you know if this works and if the CD finds out anything.

Thanks again for the response.


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Your Welcome <NT>

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks and I will try
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by patrick In reply to PC Reboots at different t ...


You might also want to check if your computer is overheating. The ramdom reboots while playing games or watching movies or youtube would lead me to believe that since the processor is under a load during those times it might be a heat issue. Check inside your case and see if there is dust built up on your processor fan and graphics card fan (if it has one). If so use a can of compressed air and **** out the dust. I have found out that even a 'slight' slow down in processor fan operation can wreak havoc on an otherwise healthy computer. Also check your case fans to see if they're in working order and give them a good dusting as well. If your BIOS supports it check the processor temperature directly after playing a game or watching a movie this will give you some insite as to how the temps are.

Let us know of your progress.


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