PC reboots or freezes just before starting windows

By iriemilton ·

Trouble with a PC I'm troubleshooting. After turning it on, the system automatically reboots or freezes, happenning specifically after the biostar logo(motherboard) appears on screen.

I don't think it should be an HD issue because this rebooting/freezing problem just happens before the system accesses or boot windows.

Any help on fixing this problem?

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Does the

by XT John In reply to PC reboots or freezes jus ...

Hard drive blink during the POST? Can you boot the PC a different way, such as from a floppy, USB device or CD/DVD? Try to boot from one of the Linux bootable versions. There are disk tools included that may help to diagnose a failed or problematic Hard Drive. Another thing to try, to rule out the Hard Drive, is to disconnect it from the motherboard, and try booting that way. As a matter of fact, once I had to remove everything non-essential from a motherboard to figure out the problem... using just a different keyboard and a power supply, I was able to determine the DVD drive was hanging up the PC.

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