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By FrogSnot ·
Sometime ago I visited a website where they were able to take over my PC for troubleshooting without having to install any third party software.

I was wondering how is this possible? And where can I go on the net to learn this?

I am not interested in third party applications such as PCAnywhere. Third Party apps would mean I would have to drive across town to install it on my mom's PC. My whole point is I would love to help my friends and family without having to drive around town any more.

I have Windows XP Pro and I know it has remote assistance installed, but from I understand both people have to have Windows Messenger installed to use it. And if I am correct you are not given full access to the PC. It would be more like show and tell.

Any help would be appreciated.

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by al In reply to PC Remote Control

Check this link. It describes how NetMeeting is used to provide remote assistance without messenger.

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by Sean-Leonard In reply to PC Remote Control

There are several ways to do this. offers a 15 day free trial to use its services.

As far as Remote desktop if you have Email setup then you dont have to use Windows Messenger you can have her just run through the setup and EMail the request to you...Besure to have your EMail program open then do a send and recieve after the setup wizard is done... It will give you full access that the logged on user has so be sure that she loged on as an admin when she sends you the request.

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by m_ss_ngl_nk In reply to PC Remote Control

- Using Remote Assistance to Get Help When You Need It
- see why and how to use @

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by angry_white_male In reply to PC Remote Control

Try - it's free and secure. Yes, you may have to drive across town to do the install (very simple) - but once it's on her PC, you shouldn't have to make as many house calls. We use it at work - checked with the company, no catches or charges unless you need chat or file transfer capability.

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by spatelone In reply to PC Remote Control

I would recommend going to website and download Real VNC, Virtual Network Computing. It is so easy that you can walk your mother thru over the phone and she can install it.

I did this with my 6 yr old nephew and I got him up and running over the phone two states across.

Now I can help him whenever he has problem. The site is

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by Peter Marshall In reply to PC Remote Control

This can be done using Netmeeting.
On the machine to receive assistance Click Start/Run
Type "conf" in the box
Enter the IP address of who is to provide the remote control
Grant full control, Then you can assist in whatever way you want.



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by angry_white_male In reply to PC Remote Control

Many of the answers here (i.e., VNC) fail to account for firewalls and the possibility that the IPS may have ports 5800/5900 blocked. I hope your mom has a firewall on her PC (if she doesn't - it probably explains the many house calls you have to make). Try LogMeIn - and throw a LinkSys cable router between her PC and internet connection while you're at it. You'll like it.

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