PC requires password the first time I turn it on.

By gamer97at ·
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I recently got a new PC. The first time I started it up there is an account labeled "admin". I did not create the account or know what the password is. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated
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If this is a new PC that you had to do a OPK Installon on

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to PC requires password the ...

When you first started it the Admin Account is created by Windows. You may also have created this account if you did not insert a Users Name in the Account Setup Part of the Install or made some other mistake in that part of the Setup Procedure.

So if you did not set a Password to this account all you have to do is press Enter and that is a Blank Password and then set the Account not to prompt for a Password on opening.

If you did set a User Account and a Password then enter the Password you set on what you thought was your User Account and then press Enter.

That will allow you into Windows and you can set whatever User Account Privileges you want from there.

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